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Arizona State Legislature
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Fiftieth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Cecil P. Ash

Cecil P. Ash

District 18

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 313
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3160
Fax Number: (602) 417-3151

Personal Information:
Home City: Mesa
Member Since:
It is my pleasure to serve District 18, Mesa, Arizona, where I was born.  I regard service in the legislature as a public trust, not a career.  Reared on a cattle ranch in southern Arizona, I have gained an appreciation for those who work hard in the sun. 

Hayden High School, Hayden Arizona  1963-1967
Brigham Young University, Provo Utah, 1967, 1970-73
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ ,  1968
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 1974-76

Professional  Experience
Attorney, Private Practice, Mesa, Arizona, 1977-78, 1983-90
Legal Advisor, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Phoenix, AZ
Real Estate Broker, Mesa, AZ, 1983-90
Deputy Public Defender, Maricopa County, 1990-95
Owner/Manager, ViewPoint RV & Golf Resort, Mesa, AZ, 1995-2004

My wife and I met at BYU and were married in 1975.  Three of our five children are married and we have five grandchildren.  We all share an interest in politics.  Linda and I have been precinct committeemen since 1994.  At family events, the conversation always gravitates to political issues.  We are concerned about our government, and want to make Arizona the best place in the world to rear a family.

For more extensive background information and political issues, please see my web page at


Committee Assignments
Health and Human Services Chairman Click Here Click Here
Judiciary Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2001 C community colleges; universities; concealed weapons
HB2010 C healthcare group; small employers; eligibility
HB2101 P protest activity; prohibition
HB2155 P* dental board; omnibus See Vote
HB2156 P* dental hygienists; supervision requirements
HB2157 P* DHS; stroke care protocols
  (NOW: stroke care; DHS
HB2158 P* tobacco revenues; tracking commission See Vote
HB2159 P* scrap metal dealers
HB2169 P dental board; fees
HB2194 P* physical therapy; licenses; certificates; status
HB2210 P* technical correction; seller; disclosure
HB2211 P* technical correction; early voting
  (NOW: inpatient evaluation or treatment
See Vote
HB2212 P* timeshares; technical correction
HB2213 P* child custody; technical correction
  (NOW: intellectually disabled; terminology
HB2214 P* technical correction; textbook purchase
HB2251 P 8th grade promotion certificates
HB2285 P inmate credit; imprisonment; fine reduction
HB2294 P pregnant prisoners; restraints prohibited; exception
HB2352 P court commissioner; qualifications
HB2353 P sentencing; dangerous offenses; probation See Vote
HB2354 P grand jury proceedings; electronic recording
HB2355 P court surcharges See Vote
HB2363 C financial institution records; disclosure; notice
HB2365 C initiative and referendum; petition form
HB2366 P communication with public officer; identity
HB2368 P home detention programs; counties; cities
HB2369 P DUI; work release
HB2371 C DUI; ignition interlock device.
HB2372 P* conservatorships; guardianships; county reimbursement
HB2373 P* judicial facility districts
HB2374 P* sentencing; minimum and maximum terms
HB2375 P* assault; public defender; county ranger
HB2376 P* department of juvenile corrections; continuation See Vote
HB2377 P* capital postconviction public defender; continuation
HB2378 P* life sentence; parole eligibility
HB2379 P* incarceration costs; municipal court warrants
HB2380 P* prisoners; medical parole
HB2384 P abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes
HB2392 C firearms; federal law; school perimeters
HB2398 P salvia divinorum; unlawful acts
HB2410 P honorably discharged veterans; in-state tuition
HB2416 P abortion
HB2534 P city or town annexation
HB2548 C medical helicopters; nontrauma patients; guidelines See Vote
HB2549 C state nickname; grand canyon state
HB2552 C agricultural property tax classification; equine.
HB2554 P dental board; investigations; disciplinary action
HB2556 P health savings accounts; tax incentives See Vote
HB2557 P sales tax on medical marijuana
HB2564 C sales tax; pipes and valves
HB2565 P postsecondary education; students' rights See Vote
HB2585 P controlled substances; marijuana; monitoring
HB2619 C fund transfer; Arizona historical society
  (NOW: unemployment; special assessment
See Vote
HB2620 P* medical records; disclosure; release See Vote
HB2634 P DHS; health care institutions; rules
HB2635 P court-ordered evaluation See Vote
HB2636 P flat income tax
HB2647 P* sexual exploitation; children; classification
HB2648 P* community supervision; earned release credits
HB2651 P AHCCCS; veterans
HB2661 P* landlord tenant; deposits; new owner
HB2662 P* elections; organization dues; public monies
HB2663 P* interstate agreement; national popular vote.
HB2664 P* Arizona sentencing commission
HB2666 P health insurance; exchange
HB2687 P prostitution; children; trafficking
HB2688 P health care compact; funding.
HB2689 P health insurance; interstate purchase.
HB2690 P employers; group insurance pooling.
HB2706 C education; Arizona empowerment accounts
  (NOW: supplementary reading instruction; teachers
See Vote
HB2707 C general fund revenue limit See Vote
HB2708 C homeowner's rebate; primary residence
HB2713 P EORP; defined contribution retirement system
HCM2002 P remove gray wolf; endangered species
HCM2003 P daily commuter program
HCM2005 C dream act; military service; adoption
HCR2006 C personal property tax exemption amount
HCR2013 P* superior court jurisdiction; technical correction
HCR2014 P* legislators' qualifications; technical correction
HCR2023 C candidate petitions; ballot fee
HCR2024 P clean elections act; repeal
HCR2025 P* board of executive clemency; commutation
HCR2032 P paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement
HCR2050 P IBM; one hundredth anniversary
HCR2051 P Arizona; centennial song
HM2001 C F-35 program; support funding
HR2001 P opposition; gaming; new Indian reservation
HR2004 C honoring John Waddell
HR2005 C Roosevelt Dam; centennial
HR2007 P Warrene Ware; service
SB1191 P juveniles; discretionary transfer; adult court
SB1246 C abortion.
SB1282 P political committee registration; religious entity
SB1314 C county island fire districts; meetings
SB1361 C fire districts; joint powers authority
SB1429 P health care actions; liability; students
SB1502 C fire districts; merger; consolidation
SCR1006 P border security plan
SCR1028 P paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement.
SCR1052 P appointed state mine inspector.
SCR1059 P supporting Wisconsin governor; legislature
SCR1061 P Mitch Menlove; death resolution
SR1013 P Lloyd Oliver; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor