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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-fifth Legislature - First Regular Session

Jay Blanchard

District 30

1700 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602)
Fax Number: (602)


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Final Vote
HB2022 C automobile theft authority
HB2464 C appropriations; highway patrol.
HB2473 C extreme DUI; alcohol concentration.
HB2485 C DUI; 0.08
  (NOW: tribal senior centers; appropriations
HB2486 C recreational vehicles; length restrictions
HB2588 C NAU bonds; debt service
HB2604 P airports; military facilities; preservation; improvements
HB2616 C income tax; eliminate marriage penalty
  (NOW: income tax; increase tax deduction
HB2619 C JLBC; economic impact reports
HCM2002 C Navajo electrification demonstration project
SB1038 C medical services; rural areas
SB1048 C residential utility consumer office; functions
  (NOW: AHCCCS; eligibility; programs
SB1049 C residential utility consumer board
SB1056 C charter schools; political activities; prohibition
SB1058 C unemployment insurance; eligibility
SB1059 C unemployment insurance; family leave
SB1069 C children's rehabilitative services
SB1072 C foster care; determinations; prior wards See Vote
SB1074 C children's health insurance; requirements; study
SB1075 C children's health insurance; hardship exceptions
SB1076 C newborn infants; safe haven; immunity.
SB1077 C elderly at risk; gate openers
SB1078 C children's health insurance; school outreach
SB1079 C children's health insurance; behavioral health
  (NOW: appropriation; AHCCCS; critical access hospitals
SB1085 C college savings plan; financial aid
SB1088 C insurance; mental health parity
SB1089 C alcohol offenses; 0.08 alcohol concentration. . . See Vote
SB1095 C out-of-school programs; appropriation
  (NOW: corrections department; helping paws program
SB1106 C retiree health insurance study committee
SB1110 C AHCCCS; prescription drugs
  (NOW: prescription drugs; discount; subsidy; appropriations
SB1111 C county treasurers; procedures
SB1112 C AHCCCS coverage; woman; cancer
SB1120 C southern Arizona veterans' home
  (NOW: agriculture preservation districts
See Vote
SB1121 C Arizona state veterans' cemeteries See Vote
SB1123 C office of housing development
  (NOW: information protection; planning; development
See Vote
SB1124 C tax exemption; public housing
SB1157 C threatening; intimidating; criminal justice employees
SB1164 C appropriation; county jail juvenile beds
  (NOW: unfair claim settlements
See Vote
SB1168 C appropriations; coordinated hunger program
SB1173 C automobile insurance; medical condition; prohibition
SB1174 C abandoned vehicles; payment of costs See Vote
SB1175 C personal property exemption; automobile
SB1176 C CORP; normal retirement; twenty years.
SB1182 C appropriations; silver haired legislature
SB1185 C sales tax exemption; dietary supplements
SB1186 C appropriations; children’s physical activity programs See Vote
SB1188 C veterans' property tax exemption amounts
SB1189 C charter school revisions
SB1192 C appropriations; substance abuse services
  (NOW: young fathers; eligibility; age
SB1234 C prescription medication program
SB1274 C school facilities board; space requirements
SB1283 C county land divisions; procedures See Vote
SB1284 C dangerous crimes against children; drugs
SB1285 C corporation commission; unsolicited faxes
SB1347 C neighborhood preservation and improvement act
SB1356 C English learners; Flores v. Arizona
SB1357 C divorce; health insurance; continuation
SB1361 C homebound; pregnant students
SB1382 C clean elections act amendments
SB1418 C employee merit awards
SB1420 C appropriations; law enforcement training
SB1421 C workers' compensation; injuries; first aid
SB1422 C Arizona housing commission; membership See Vote
SB1426 C CPS; pay steps
SB1427 P* tax rates; date of transaction
SB1428 P* early ballots; retraction
SB1429 P* hybrid vehicles; HOV lane use See Vote
SB1430 P* natural gas vehicle service fee
SB1431 P* study committee; AIMS; public acceptance
SB1432 P* appropriation; ASU East.
SB1433 P* universities; class audits; seniors
SB1446 P open meetings; agenda exception
SB1458 C technical correction; controlled substance
SB1469 C TANF; eligibility requirements
SB1477 C private attorney retention sunshine act
SB1479 C appropriation; AIMS test questions bank
SB1486 C capital indigent defense; appropriations
  (NOW: capital indigent defense
SB1488 C time limitations; sexual offenses
SB1489 P BOMEX; board membership
SB1510 C county jails; education programs
SB1513 P teacher shortage; study committee
SB1532 P* appropriation; project challenge
SB1533 P* appropriations; integrative medicine program
SB1534 P* appropriations; UA; neurogenic disorders
SB1545 C covered employees; uncovered status; moratorium
SB1551 C capital defendants; mental retardation
  (NOW: mental retardation; capital defendants
See Vote
SB1555 C Arizona silver haired legislature
SB1558 C sales tax; sexually oriented businesses
SB1564 C county infill incentives
SB1569 C health care plan report card
SB1570 C tax credit; public school contributions
SB1574 C leased religious property tax exemption.
SB1577 C AHCCCS; proposition 204
SCR1003 C veterans' property tax exemption
SCR1005 C trust land proceeds and income
  (NOW: state trust lands; education 2000
See Vote
SCR1008 C death resolution; Dr. Andy Nichols
SJR1001 C Colorado river surplus guidelines See Vote
SR1003 C Arthur D. Ranney, Jr.


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor