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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-first Legislature - First Regular Session
  David W. Stevens

David W. Stevens

District 14

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 312
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4321
Fax Number: (602) 417-3146

Personal Information:
Home City: Sierra Vista
Occupation: Information Technology
Member Since: 2009
David W. Stevens was first elected to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2009. He resides in Sierra Vista in Legislative District 14, which was created after redistricting in 2012. Prior to redistricting Stevens represented District 25.

Stevens grew up in a small town in Illinois. After seeing a computer during a school field trip, he decided that he wanted to work in the computer field. He joined the U.S. Army at the age of 17 where is served and received career training in computers. He served 10 years in the U.S. Army, which included serving with the Illinois National Guard and the Arizona National Guard.

Stevens holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and has worked in the IT field since 1979.

Stevens first came to Arizona in 1981 when he was stationed at Fort Huachuca. He has lived in Sierra Vista since 1987. He and his wife, Cindy, have been married for 28 years, and they have a son and a daughter. Stevens has been involved in the Boy Scouts of America for over 25 years, and has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Stevensí son is also an Eagle Scout.

In 2001 Stevens became a firefighter with Fry Fire having earned the Firefighter I/II certification. In 2008 Stevens again served the nation as he went to Kuwait to provide Internet Security.

Stevens is currently serving as the Chairman of the standing committee on Technology and Infrastructure. He is Co-Chairman of the Joint Border Security Advisory Committee, appointed by the governor. He is also a member of committees on High Education and Workforce Development, Information Technology Advisory Committee, and Private Properties Committee.

District 14 includes Cochise County, Greenlee County, Graham County, excluding the tribal reservation, and the Eastside of Pima County - Rosemont area, Corona, Vail, Rita Ranch, and the surrounding mountains of East Tucson.  


Committee Assignments
Higher Education and Workforce Development Member Click Here Click Here
Technology and Infrastructure Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2064 P training permits; military health professionals See Vote
HB2074 P expedited foster home approval
  (NOW: licensing; foster homes
See Vote
HB2075 P school boards; vacancies; board appointment
HB2076 P separating service members; licensure
  (NOW: military applicants; license requirements
HB2136 P firefighter and EMT memorial
HB2200 P county fire department; authorization
HB2204 P law enforcement; surviving spouse; insurance
HB2217 C extraordinary educators special plates
HB2226 P* minerals; land inventory; technical correction
HB2227 P* emergency planning; technical correction
HB2228 P* technical correction; unclaimed property; transition
HB2229 P* revenue department; technical correction
HB2230 P* information services; technology
HB2231 P* state fees; payment; alternative methods
  (NOW: exoneration; appearance bonds
See Vote
HB2232 P* information technology authorization committee; membership
HB2233 P* special audit; voter protected measures
HB2234 P* firearm; definition
HB2235 P* pay statements; required information
HB2236 P* border security; drug trafficking; appropriation
HB2237 P* schools; bonding level increase; repeal
HB2238 P* medical expenses; recovery; paid only
HB2239 P* collateral source evidence; admissibility
HB2240 P* small claims division; jurisdiction; limits See Vote
HB2241 P* telecommunications services; public records; exemption
  (NOW: telecommunications infrastructure; records; nondisclosure
See Vote
HB2242 P* false registration; penalty
  (NOW: road improvement and maintenance district
See Vote
HB2243 P* technical correction; armed forces; taxes
  (NOW: small-scale computing systems
HB2244 P* technical correction; critical infrastructure information
  (NOW: information technology; interoperable radio communication
HB2245 P* false claims; agriculture; technical correction
  (NOW: request to leave; criminal trespass
See Vote
HB2246 P* technical correction; children
HB2247 P* technical correction; industrial development; insurance
HB2248 P* technical correction; public employees; expenses
HB2249 P* technical correction; television district establishment
HB2250 P* technical correction; statute of limitations
HB2251 P* trade or commerce; technical correction
HB2252 P* technical correction; petroleum product storage
HB2253 P* technical correction; conservation easements; applicability
HB2281 P foreclosure; tenant notification See Vote
HB2285 P state budget; appropriation limitation; hearing
HB2289 P schools; data; noncitizen students
HB2291 P Arizona firearms; prohibited enforcement
HB2328 P compact; convention; balanced budget
HB2330 P public employees; bargaining; open meetings
HB2337 P condominiums; planned communities; rental properties
HB2346 P rural electric cooperatives; valuation
  (NOW: valuation; rural electric cooperatives
HB2352 P AHCCCS; expansion; prohibition
HB2354 P AHCCCS; childless adults; services; prohibition
HB2388 P law enforcement; protective armor; costs
HB2393 P state agencies; licensure; time frames
HB2399 P school districts; bonded indebtedness limitations
HB2409 C dental hygienists; examinations See Vote
HB2438 P paycheck deductions; public employers
HB2439 P income tax brackets; inflation index
HB2455 P unclaimed property; firearms; disposition
HB2456 P revenue allocation districts
HB2461 C fireworks; NFPA; 2013 code; adoption
HB2464 P medical malpractice; recovery of costs
HB2465 P medical malpractice attorney; certification; training
HB2470 P veterans; job opportunities; award
HB2471 P CDL holders; defensive driving school
HB2472 P pupils; chronic health problems; absences
HB2473 P food vendors; state certification
HB2474 P planned communities; zoning; limitations; districts
HB2475 P elections; polling places; foreign observers
HB2476 P schools; isolation rooms; restrictions See Vote
HB2481 P* permissible consumer fireworks; penalty
HB2482 P* public service corporations; assets transfer
HB2483 P* public notices; publishing; public medium
HB2484 P veterans; hiring preference; tax credit
HB2485 P health and safety audit privilege See Vote
HB2500 C schools; teacher evaluations; dismissals
HB2574 P drone surveillance; prohibition; exceptions
HB2578 P licensing; accountability; penalties; exceeding regulation
HB2588 C interstate compact; health care
HB2600 C judicial nominees; minimum requirements; records
HB2612 P auto title loans; military members
HB2617 P school tuition organizations; preapproval; entities See Vote
HB2654 P full-time students; hunting licenses
HB2655 P* public monies; support; defeat; legislation
HB2656 P* firearms; schools; safety designee program
HCM2003 P copper mining; support
HCM2004 P veterans' home; tribal lands
HCR2008 P* elections; primary winners
HCR2010 P elections; political party designation; nomination
HCR2014 P health care exchange; prohibition
HCR2015 P AHCCCS; expansion; prohibition
HCR2016 P AHCCCS; childless adults; prohibition
HCR2017 P ballot measures; reauthorization; exemption
HCR2021 P state expenditure limit
HCR2027 P* citizens clean elections act; repeal
HCR2028 P* tobacco settlement; AHCCCS; repeal
HCR2029 P* tobacco tax fund; repeal
HCR2030 P* early childhood development program; repeal
HCR2031 P* tobacco tax; repeal
HCR2032 P* smoke-free Arizona; repeal
HCR2033 P* funding ballot measures; reauthorization
HCR2034 P Arizona territory; 150th anniversary
HCR2035 P recognizing Arizona caregivers
HCR2036 P Boy Scouts of America
SB1057 P AHCCCS; ambulance services; rates
SB1115 P direct pay prices; health care
SB1286 P nursing facility provider assessments
SB1287 P military retiree; pension exclusion amount
SB1288 P Arizona water protection fund; projects
SB1289 P road improvement and maintenance districts
SB1290 P office of pest management
SB1291 P fire districts; board meetings; attendance
  (NOW: duty to report abuse; exception
SB1292 P fire districts; treasurer; authorization
SB1340 P municipal fire districts
SB1348 C public employees; activities; unions; compensation
SB1349 C paycheck deductions; employee authorization
SB1350 C government contract workers; strike prohibition
SB1353 P health insurance; telemedicine
SB1363 C empowerment scholarship accounts; expansion; funding
SB1369 P unemployment insurance; reimbursable employers
SB1370 P municipal franchise elections; rates; estimate
SB1371 P municipal elections; ballot; disclosure
SB1390 P convicted felons; attempted weapon possession
SB1439 P legal tender
SB1463 P counties; flood control districts; rules
SB1464 P mining advisory council; membership
SB1465 P solid waste facilities; general permit
SB1467 C parenting time; court-ordered supervisors.
SB1468 P duty to report abuse; application
SCR1002 P health care; direct pay prices
SCR1012 P EPA actions; haze
SCR1013 P endangered species act
SCR1014 P Vietnam war; commemorative partner
SCR1015 P support; second amendment
SCR1020 P Sheriff Larry Dever; death resolution
SCR1021 P death resolution; Bill Konopnicki


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor