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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Bill Konopnicki

Bill Konopnicki

District 5

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 219
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5409
Fax Number: (602) 417-3105


Bill was born in Detroit, Michigan.  He is the oldest of three children.  His father was from Michigan and his mother from North Carolina.  His family moved to Yuma, Arizona when he was 5 years old.

Bill’s family owned and operated Stan’s Grocery and Laundry in Yuma for more than 35 years.  He graduated from Kofa High School.  He attended Arizona Western College.  He has a BA and MA Degree in Business Education from Arizona State University and an Ed D in Higher Education Administration from the University of Arizona.

Bill has worked for Tucson Public Schools, Pima Community College, The University of Arizona, Eastern Arizona College and the Arizona Department of Education.  He has served on Safford’s Public School Governing Board for 12 years.

Bill has been a successful small businessman for the past 30 years.  He owns and operated 9 McDonald’s Restaurants, 7 radio stations and currently is CEO of WSK Management Systems.  He has worked closely with groups from the community including the Boy Scouts, Ronald McDonald houses in Phoenix, Tucson and Albuquerque and the Boys and Girls Clubs.  Bill is a former member of the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center’s Operating Board and is a past president.

Bill is the father of four children and has nine grandchildren.  His wife Cathy is a School Psychologist.  They make their home in Safford where they live with their daughter, Sara.  Bill has lived in Safford for 36 years.  He has educated his children in public schools.  He is involved in community affairs. 

Bill is currently serving his third term in the Arizona House of Representatives.  He is Chairman of the Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance.  He is a member of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees.  Bill is interested in rural Arizona, Economic Development and Planning for the Future of Arizona.



Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2051 C motorcycle safety fund
HB2077 C writ of restitution; criminal trespass See Vote
HB2099 C education programs; county jails; funding
HB2100 P* county powers; technical correction
HB2101 P* county fiscal provisions; technical correction
HB2102 P* county officers; technical correction
  (NOW: county omnibus
See Vote
HB2103 P* community colleges; equalization; technical correction
HB2104 P* provisional community colleges; technical correction
HB2105 P* rural health care; technical correction
HB2106 P* campaign finance; technical correction
  (NOW: ballots; permanent early voting
See Vote
HB2107 P* official canvass; technical correction
HB2112 C iceberg lettuce research council; restructuring
HB2113 C agricultural commodity councils; restructuring See Vote
HB2134 C small business; uniform health questionnaire See Vote
HB2148 C ASRS; active military service credit See Vote
HB2149 C ASRS; public service purchase
HB2155 C prescriptions; emergencies See Vote
HB2156 C folic acid information; appropriation
HB2188 P* insurance guaranty fund See Vote
HB2189 P* insurance; actuarial opinion; memorandum requirements
HB2190 P* tax credit; education leadership training
HB2191 P* roadside memorials
HB2192 P* ASRS; postdoctoral scholars; eligibility
HB2193 P* provisional community college districts; continuation
HB2194 P* workers' compensation; third person liability
HB2195 P* workers' compensation; death benefits See Vote
HB2196 P* retiree health insurance; rural subsidy
HB2197 P* tax credit; employees; developmental disabilities
HB2198 P* bank lending limits See Vote
HB2207 P* county treasurers; property tax collection See Vote
HB2212 C sibling information exchange program
HB2216 C school districts; postemployment benefits
HB2217 C clean elections; daily reporting
HB2218 C income tax credit; home schooling
HB2219 C beer kegs; registration.
HB2221 C appropriation cancer research; matching funds
HB2222 C clean elections; primary spending
HB2223 C clean elections; expenses; qualifying contributions
HB2244 C math and science innovation grants
HB2252 C state plumbing code
HB2269 C CORP; joinders; dispatchers; asset transfer
HB2291 P* driver license information; retailer use See Vote
HB2292 P* eastern Arizona college
HB2293 P* AHCCCS; tobacco use prevention programs
HB2294 P* captive insurer amendments See Vote
HB2295 P* tax liens; subsequent purchasers
HB2296 P* Arizona work-study program
HB2297 P* interstate agreement; national popular vote
HB2298 P* prisons; transition programs See Vote
HB2299 P* sentencing; reorganization
HB2306 C feral honeybees; public nuisance
HB2307 C prime contracting deduction; university improvements
HB2308 C appropriations; border county costs
HB2317 C state board; community colleges
  (NOW: community colleges; legal opinions; timelines
HB2318 P minimum wage; disabled employees
HB2320 C loan originator licensing
HB2322 P motion picture tax credit; accountability
  (NOW: tax credit accountability; motion picture
See Vote
HB2336 C corporate income tax rate reduction
HB2337 C individual income tax rate reduction
HB2339 C peace officers' training fund
HB2340 C inmate labor; compensation
HB2341 C prisoner medical treatment; costs
HB2342 C unlawful sexual conduct involving prisoners See Vote
HB2344 C juvenile graffiti; monetary assessment See Vote
HB2353 C law enforcement animals; animal cruelty
HB2373 C high schools; nutrition standards
HB2374 C schools; mathematics achievement grants
HB2375 C schools; exercise and fitness programs
HB2385 P* colleges; out-of-county tuition
HB2386 P* unlawful employment practices; penalties
HB2387 P* technical correction; county treasurers; warrants
  (NOW: county treasurer; procedures
See Vote
HB2388 P* financial institutions department; mortgage licensees
HB2389 P* securities dealers; filings
HB2390 C weights and measures; seized property
HB2391 C spirituous liquor; omnibus See Vote
HB2392 C residential contractors' recovery fund
  (NOW: expenditure limitation election
See Vote
HB2405 C workers' compensation; premium reduction
HB2406 C contractors; retention monies; interest accounts
HB2449 P* insurance contract; policy contents
HB2452 P* insurers; reports; filing deadlines
HB2453 P* mandatory control level; hearing
HB2454 P* joint underwriting and reinsurance organizations
  (NOW: rural general hospital; intensive care
See Vote
HB2476 C government property tax exemption; retroactivity
HB2479 C behavioral health professionals; licensure; reciprocity
HB2481 C aircraft; vehicles; repairs; pricing
HB2482 C sanitary district; conversion; reorganization
HB2483 C citrus, fruit and vegetable council
HB2485 C well water; Colorado; Santa Cruz
  (NOW: well water; Colorado river water
HB2486 C county improvement districts; roads
  (NOW: county road districts; alternate government
See Vote
HB2488 C drought emergency groundwater transfers
HB2489 C special district amendments See Vote
HB2493 C energy production; tax credits
HB2494 C energy; water; savings loan fund
HB2495 C schools; energy performance standards
HB2496 C schools; energy and water savings
  (NOW: schools; energy and water efficiency
HB2497 C public buildings; energy savings goals
HB2521 P* insurance director; chief examiner
HB2522 P* employers; verification of employees.
HB2523 P* employment; unauthorized aliens; prohibition
HB2527 P* victims' rights; neighborhood associations
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2541 C insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2559 C boxing; intergovernmental tribal agreements
HB2595 C amateur radio; operators; structures; accommodation
HB2607 C contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability
HB2627 C income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
See Vote
HB2632 C blood donors; minors
HB2638 C local energy plans See Vote
HB2660 C liquor; drinking age; definition
HB2667 C appropriation; developmental disabilities
HB2690 C clean elections; amendments See Vote
HB2691 C renewable energy enterprise zones
HB2692 C water supply development revolving fund See Vote
HB2693 C water adequacy provisions
  (NOW: water provisions; adequacy
HB2694 C racing; pari-mutuel wagering See Vote
HB2701 P* Arizona twenty-first century fund
HB2702 C reduced small business property tax
HB2719 C border regional port authority See Vote
HB2725 C restitution; civil proceedings by victims
HB2741 C schools; international studies
HB2742 C schools; technology systems grants
HB2745 P* criminal justice commission; membership.
HB2746 P* schools; AIMS testing; elimination
HB2754 C greater Arizona development authority
HB2765 C national guard; civil liability
HB2766 C national guard mobilization; border; appropriation
HB2768 C mailed early ballots; delivery time
HCM2006 C Arizona centennial
HCM2013 C railroad rights-of-way
HCR2006 P* volunteers; disabled employees; minimum wage
HCR2008 C school district expenditures; authorization
HCR2010 C legislator term limits; repeal
HCR2014 C initiative and referendum; signature distribution
HCR2015 C liability limitation; liquor
HCR2037 C business personal property taxes; exemption
HCR2045 C local mandates; funding
HCR2052 P Honorable Carmen Cajero
HCR2053 P The Honorable Jeff Groscost.
HR2001 C state aviation day.
HR2002 P Virginia Tech; honoring those killed
SB1056 C marriage licenses; local court clerks
SB1081 C community colleges; nonresident county; tuition
SB1082 P county planning and zoning commissions
SB1083 C waste tire disposal
SB1104 C information security and privacy office
SB1107 C forcible entry and detainer; judgments
  (NOW: health insurance; mandates; certain exclusions
SB1115 C appropriation; public safety training facility
SB1155 C self-service storage agent license
SB1170 C public safety employees: disease testing
SB1244 C insurance premium tax rate
SB1310 C underground storage tanks
SB1334 C urban revenue sharing; small municipalities
SB1347 C teenage driver safety act
SB1361 P AHCCCS; eligibility
SB1474 C long-term care insurance
SB1475 C AHCCCS; graduate medical expenses
SB1521 C elections; write-in deadline
  (NOW: process servers; mileage fees
SB1558 C appropriations; university medical programs.
SB1565 C state forester; community protection initiative
SB1566 C use fuel taxes; forest products
SB1567 C pseudoephedrine
SB1619 C prisoners; restitution payments
SCR1015 P referenda and initiatives; legislative restrictions


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor