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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Adam Driggs

Adam Driggs

District 28

1700 W. Washington
Room 309
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3016
Fax Number: (602) 417-3007

Personal Information:
Home City: Phoenix
Occupation: Attorney
Member Since: 2007
Senator Adam Driggs serves as the Judiciary Committee Chairman in the Arizona Senate.

Prior to his election to the Arizona Senate in 2010, Driggs served two successful terms in the Arizona House of Representatives.

Professionally, Driggs' background is in law and business. He served as a prosecutor for the Maricopa County Attorney's Office from 1995 to 1997. As a private attorney, Driggs has successfully litigated several complex and high profile cases, both locally and internationally. His primary areas of expertise are federal immigration law, criminal law, and international sports law. He is fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. Driggs also started a successful small business in Phoenix in 1997, where he continues to serve as a director.

Driggs is a Phoenix native and fifth-generation Arizonan. He attended schools in the Madison and Scottsdale School Districts and graduated from Arcadia High School. He later earned a bachelor degree from Brigham Young University and then graduated from the Arizona State University College of Law in 1993. His father, John Driggs, served two terms as Phoenix Mayor in the early 70's.

In his free time, Driggs enjoys climbing Camelback Mountain and spending time with his family in the White Mountains. Driggs married the former Leonore Mortensen in 1998 and they have five children, Emily, J.R., Charlie, Walter and Olivia. The family also has a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bo and an African Grey Parrot.


Committee Assignments
Financial Institutions Member Click Here Click Here
Judiciary Chairman Click Here Click Here
Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2374 C wrongful death actions; disqualified party
HB2426 C additional classroom time for kindergartners.
HB2517 P internet crimes against children; fund
HB2526 P governor's regulatory review council; membership
HB2621 C multimedia film production tax incentives
HB2641 C foster care; tuition waiver
HB2661 C multi-county water districts; storage tax
SB1068 C additional classroom time for kindergartners
SB1088 C income tax brackets; inflation index.
  (NOW: empowerment scholarship accounts; eligibility
SB1169 C fire code requirements; fire watch
SB1267 P schools; exempt fundraisers
SB1270 P JLBC; economic impact
SB1271 P virtual border fence; appropriation
SB1272 P state employees; backfilling; incentive rewards
SB1273 C driver licenses; REAL ID act
SB1275 C convicted felons; attempted weapon possession
SB1290 C independent medical examinations; board complaints
SB1298 C rules; counties; flood control districts
SB1313 P* uniform interstate family support act
SB1314 P* domestic violence; arrest; predominant aggressor.
SB1315 P* incompetent and dangerous defendants; treatment
SB1316 P* subpoena compliance; copying; clerical costs
SB1319 P taxation; self-reported errors; injured spouses
SB1403 P consumer lawsuit loans; prohibition
SB1404 C health care directives; conflicts
SB1441 P official state metal; copper
SB1450 P securities registration; exemption; website operators
  (NOW: banks; insuring organization
See Vote
SCM1005 C proposing regulation freedom amendment; Congress
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1019 P commending Israel
SCR1020 P Mayor John Driggs; death resolution
SR1002 C seventieth birthday; fund-raiser for charity


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor