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Arizona State Legislature
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Fiftieth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Olivia Cajero Bedford

Olivia Cajero Bedford

District 27

1700 W. Washington
Room 314
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5835
Fax Number: (602) 417-3027


Personal Information:

Home City: Tucson
House Member: 2003-2010
Senate Member: 2011-present
Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford was well versed with state politics long before Tucson citizens honored her by electing her to serve in the Arizona Legislature. She served eight years as a State Representative to her constituents and in 2010, she won the Senate seat.

She grew up in a political family that placed a high value on public service. Understanding the importance of public service, Senator Cajero Bedford became the second generation in her family to represent southern Arizonans at the state Capitol. She provided her parents, Rep. Bernardo “Nayo” Cajero and Rep. Carmen Cajero, with advice on important votes during the 28 years they served in the Arizona House of Representatives. She urged her parents to ensure that high school students receive free text books and that the state provide funding to establish the University of Arizona Cancer Research Center.

Before having the opportunity to serve Tucsonans at the state level, Senator Cajero Bedford was a business owner and a director of sales and marketing for the tourism/hotel industry. Years of business experience make her a strong advocate of small companies and economic development.

Since taking office in 2003, Senator Cajero Bedford has fought to defend a woman’s right to choose. This issue is important to her and remains at the top of her list each session.

Senator Cajero Bedford is a graduate of the Council of State Governments’ Legislative Academy. She has been involved with a number of civic organizations over the years including the Girl Scouts, Arizona Tourism Advisory Council, National Association of Latino Elected Officials, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Women in Government and National Conference of State Legislatures.

Increasing career and technical education in high school curriculum has been one of her goals for her tenure in the legislature. Senator Cajero Bedford works with high schools in her district to help teachers coordinate school field trips to the Legislature to improve students’ understanding of government and expand on what they have learned in the classroom. It is her wish that as a result, one of these students will then start to think about a career in politics.

She was honored, that the Arizona Medical Association, in 2007 awarded her with the "Walk the Talk" award. In addition, was honored among the 2007 Tech 10 Legislators at the Fifth Annual Governor's Celebration of Innovation, The Victoria Foundation in 2010. She and her mother, Carmen were honored by Latina Perspectives Magazine with the Latina Trailblazers award in 2011.


Committee Assignments
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Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Criminal Justice Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2383 P mortgage loan servicers; duties; obligations
HB2557 P sales tax on medical marijuana
HB2559 P reporting violent behavior; government entities
HB2564 P sales tax; pipes and valves
HB2607 P transplant services; AHCCCS.
HB2630 C schools; prohibited courses; repeal
HB2711 P prohibited weapon; high capacity magazine.
SB1101 P protest activity; prohibition.
SB1131 C tribal airports; state aviation fund
SB1132 C native American tribes; revenue sharing.
SB1154 P cotton council; employee benefits
SB1204 C trash collection; multifamily housing
SB1237 C energy authority of Arizona
SB1241 C motor vehicle dealers; franchises See Vote
SB1247 P sexually violent persons; hearings
SB1266 C Arizona veteran supportive campuses
SB1267 C legislative committee; state; Indian nations
SB1304 C homeowners' associations; assessments; vote
SB1310 P security; legislature; funding
SB1450 P reporting violent behavior; government entities.
SB1457 P schools; sex education
SB1463 P* political subdivisions; economic estimate commission
SB1464 P private prison contractors; public records.
  (NOW: false reporting; vulnerable adult abuse
SB1552 C corporate tax allocation; sales factor
SCR1009 C honoring Hopi code talkers
SCR1061 C Mitch Menlove; death resolution
SR1003 P Dorwan Stoddard; death resolution
SR1004 P Gabe Zimmerman; death resolution
SR1005 P Phyllis Schneck; death resolution
SR1006 P Christina Taylor Green; death resolution
SR1007 P Dorothy Morris; death resolution
SR1008 P Honorable John Roll; death resolution
SR1013 P Lloyd Oliver; death resolution


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