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Arizona State Legislature
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Fiftieth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Al Melvin

Al Melvin

District 26

1700 W. Washington
Room 303
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4326
Fax Number: (602) 417-3159

Personal Information:
Home City:Tucson
Occupation: Trade and Transportation Consultant
Member Since: 2009
Senator Al Melvin, Republican for District 26, is committed to serving the people of Southern Arizona.  As an educator, businessman, and veteran, he is committed to bringing vision, integrity and leadership to the Arizona State Senate.

Originally from Helena, Montana, Al is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY; the Naval War College, Newport, RI; and the American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird Campus in Glendale, Arizona.

In 1999, after 30 years of reserve military service, Al retired as a Captain, U.S.N.R.  One of his last duty assignments was Squadron Commander of MPS 2 at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.  He had a parallel 35 year career, including 12 years in the Far East, in international trade and ocean transportation, working for three major steamship corporations.  Al's U.S.N.R. and merchant marine careers included nine years at sea.  He holds an unlimited tonnage Masters license issued by the USCG.  Al was an Adjunct Lecturer for the University of Arizona for six years.  He also taught at the University of Phoenix and Western International University, specializing in courses in international trade, transportation, logistics and economics.  Al also owns a consulting firm, American Quality International Consulting.

Al Melvin is fighting for:

  • Border security to stop deaths in the desert and to save $2 billion a year related to illegal aliens regarding hospitalization, education and incarceration.
  • Improved education through maximum parental school choice
  • Tax relief for all businesses and property owners throughout Arizona
  • Water management including water desalination
  • A cleaner environment and more affordable and sustainable energy including solar, wind and nuclear power
  • Tort reform to stop frivolous law suits
  • Private property rights and second amendment rights
  • Improved transportation options including possible toll roads
  • A real balanced budget and transparent government spending
  • Safe streets and neighborhoods throughout Arizona
  • Economic growth and new jobs with improved access to healthcare
  • No kill animal shelters throughout Arizona by 2020
  • Legislation banning texting while driving
Al Melvin is the Chairman of the Commerce and Energy Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Economic Development and Jobs Creation Committee, and serves on the Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty Committee as well as the Appropriations Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Rural Issues, Education and Natural Resources.

Al can be reached at his Senate office by phone at: 602-926-4326, by e-mail at: and on his website at

Al Melvin understands the challenges facing Arizona and he has the answers!  Al believes that Arizona can become the premier state in the Union and will do all that he can to make that happen.  Al and his wife, Kou, live on the north side of Tucson with their Basset Hound Bradford.  Both golf, with Kou knocking on the door of 80 and Al is still trying to break 100.  Al is an Eagle Scout and is a big supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.  Al is a Rotarian, a member of the Elks, VFW, American Legion and Knights of Columbus.  He is a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Marana and Northern Pima County Chambers of Commerce.


Committee Assignments
Appropriations Member Click Here Click Here
Border Security, Federalism and States Sovereignty Member Click Here Click Here
Commerce and Energy Chairman Click Here Click Here
Economic Development and Jobs Creation Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Rural Issues, Education and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here



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Final Vote
HB2153 C municipalities; counties; fire sprinklers; code
HB2287 C emergency communications; antennae; accommodation
HB2384 C abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes
HB2409 P attorney fees; recovery; civil actions
HB2416 C abortion
HB2420 C teachers; literacy instruction endorsement
HB2544 C presidential candidates; affidavit of qualifications
HB2549 C state nickname; grand canyon state
HB2551 P taxation; presumption regarding internet sales
HB2559 P reporting violent behavior; government entities
HB2561 C Arizona citizenship.
HB2562 C interstate compact; birth certificates
HB2581 C STOs; credits; administration
HB2583 C deadly physical force; reporting; admissibility
HB2609 C homeowners' associations; signs; political; leasing
HB2664 C Arizona sentencing commission
HB2673 C special sentencing; peace officer impersonation
HB2706 C education; Arizona empowerment accounts
  (NOW: supplementary reading instruction; teachers
HB2707 C general fund revenue limit
HB2708 C homeowner's rebate; primary residence
HCR2006 C personal property tax exemption amount
HCR2032 C paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement
HCR2033 C foreign laws; judicial decisions
HCR2050 C IBM; one hundredth anniversary
HCR2051 C Arizona; centennial song
HR2002 C Mexico-U.S. commission; eradicate foot-and-mouth disease
HR2007 C Warrene Ware; service
SB1079 C law enforcement; surviving spouses; insurance
SB1084 C child restraint systems
SB1101 P protest activity; prohibition.
SB1117 C immigration legislation challenges
SB1136 C city or town annexation.
SB1159 C multimedia production tax credits
SB1171 P cities; acquisition of wastewater utility
SB1173 C enterprise zone tax credits; trusts
SB1177 C public intoxication; local laws
SB1178 C intrastate commerce act
  (NOW: county judgment bonds
See Vote
SB1180 C board of appraisal; disciplinary proceedings See Vote
SB1181 C board of appraisal; members; fees
SB1199 C income tax; net operating loss
SB1204 C trash collection; multifamily housing
SB1207 C dilapidated building; definition
SB1209 C school district employees; salaries; posting
SB1210 C corporate income tax; repeal
SB1211 C corporate income tax; phase-out
SB1212 P* civil appeal bonds; limits See Vote
SB1214 C interstate compact; health care..
SB1223 C in-state tuition; veterans
SB1224 C unemployment benefits; military spouses; dependents
SB1228 C trust lands; long-term leases; default
SB1229 C recreational users; landowner liability See Vote
SB1231 C state revenue expenditures; limit
SB1246 C abortion.
SB1247 C sexually violent persons; hearings
SB1250 C donor conceived children
SB1283 C child custody; military families
SB1286 C counties; cities; permits; time limit
SB1287 C health insurance; purchase outside state.
SB1307 C public right-of-way; political signs
SB1308 C interstate compact; birth certificates.
SB1309 C Arizona citizenship
SB1312 C STOs; credits; administration.
SB1318 C city council; vacancy; appointment; election See Vote
SB1319 C government land; restoring private land
SB1320 C residential tax assessment
SB1321 C property tax assessment; class two
SB1325 C union dues; political purposes
SB1332 C public agencies; elected officials; communications
SB1350 C public employees; political activities
SB1351 C uninsured vehicles; collision damages; impoundment
SB1357 C AHCCCS; missed appointments; provider remedy See Vote
SB1358 C medical marijuana; residency; location; requirements
SB1359 C Arizona rangers; impersonation; offense
SB1360 C Arizona rangers; red; blue lights
SB1365 P paycheck deductions; political purposes See Vote
SB1366 C medical malpractice; liability waivers
SB1390 C abortions; clinical privileges; physicians
SB1392 C Mexican gray wolf; interstate compact
SB1393 C greenhouse emissions; legislative authority
SB1395 C endangered species act; interstate compact
SB1401 C rental cars; registration; insurance requirements
SB1404 C Arizona grain research trust fund
SB1405 C hospital admissions; restrictions
SB1406 C interstate compact; border fence See Vote
SB1407 C schools; data; noncitizen students
SB1409 C government publications; English only
SB1410 C sheriff; powers and duties
SB1411 C elected county officers; authority
SB1434 P* taxation; trust income; technical correction
SB1435 P* technical correction; taxes; special olympics
SB1436 P* technical correction; taxes; withholding duty
SB1437 P* technical correction; unemployment compensation withholding
SB1438 P* technical correction; valuation; personal property
SB1439 P* luxury tax; exemption; technical correction
SB1440 P* technical correction; tax debt; enforcement
SB1441 P* department of revenue; technical correction
SB1442 P* taxes; special Olympics; technical correction
SB1443 P* parkways; roads; technical correction
SB1450 P reporting violent behavior; government entities.
SB1458 C professional licensure; out-of-state applicants See Vote
SB1462 C schools; ELL models; exemption
SB1495 C Arizona state guard; establishment
SB1517 P* animal abuse; reporting
SB1525 C city; town; development fees See Vote
SB1527 P* health care; disclosures; information
SB1528 P* Arizona review committee; school funding
SB1529 P* stolen information technology; unfair competition
SB1530 P* state poet laureate
SB1531 P* state parks board; director
SB1532 P* ADE; RFP; ELL instruction
SB1533 P* renewable energy districts
SB1534 P* aggressive dogs; vicious animal assault
SB1535 P* store display shelf pricing
SB1536 P* trusts; creation; qualifications
SB1537 P* homeowners' associations; awnings
SB1538 P* driving; handheld wireless communication devices
SB1539 P* CORP; designated position; waiver
SB1540 P* political flyers; petitions; homeowners' associations
SB1541 P* sheriff's deputies; overtime pay
SB1542 P* sheriff; budget control and accountability
SB1543 P* church bonds; exempt securities See Vote
SB1544 P* attorney fees; recovery; civil actions.
SB1545 P* intrastate nuclear fuel
SB1546 P* eminent domain on federal property. See Vote
SB1547 P* line siting; interstate transmission lines
SB1548 P* nuclear fuel recycling; school funding
SB1552 C corporate tax allocation; sales factor
SB1553 C education; Arizona empowerment accounts. See Vote
SB1554 C ADE; teachers; liability insurance
SB1555 C government employees; union dues; withholding
SB1556 C school district monies; associations; elections.
SB1590 C employers; group insurance pooling
SB1592 C health care compact; funding
SB1593 C health insurance; interstate purchase See Vote
SB1598 C cities; counties; regulatory review See Vote
SB1610 C state firearm
SB1612 C general appropriations 2011-2012
  (NOW: 2011-2012; general appropriations
See Vote
SB1613 C 2011-2012; capital outlay
  (NOW: capital outlay; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1614 C 2011-2012; state budget procedures
  (NOW: state budget procedures; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1615 C consolidation; state agencies
  (NOW: state agencies; consolidation
See Vote
SB1616 C revenue; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; revenue; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1617 C K-12 education; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; K-12 education; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1618 C higher education; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; higher education; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1619 C health; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; health; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1620 C welfare; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; welfare; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1621 C criminal justice; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; criminal justice; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1622 C general government; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; general government; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1623 C regulation; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; regulation; 2011-2012
See Vote
SB1624 C environment; 2011-2012; budget reconciliation
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; environment; 2011-2012
See Vote
SCM1003 C depleted uranium; veterans
SCM1007 P* state lands; mining; exploration
SCR1006 C border security plan
SCR1009 C honoring Hopi code talkers
SCR1010 C judicial decisions; international law
SCR1015 C jurisdiction over intrastate waters
SCR1017 C recognizing pregnancy care centers.
SCR1019 C state appropriation limit; reduction
SCR1020 C crime victims; protection from liability
SCR1028 C paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement.
SCR1032 C new tax; election; supermajority approval
SCR1033 C best available control technology; generation See Vote
SCR1034 C federal actions; state nullification
SCR1056 P* inmate labor and services
SCR1057 P* Arizona spaying and neutering fund
SCR1058 P* property tax limits; local districts
SCR1059 PZ supporting Wisconsin governor; legislature
SCR1060 P* Dan Schottel; death resolution
SCR1061 C Mitch Menlove; death resolution
SR1001 C opposition; gaming; new Indian reservation
SR1002 C Native American legislators; recognition
SR1003 C Dorwan Stoddard; death resolution
SR1004 C Gabe Zimmerman; death resolution
SR1005 C Phyllis Schneck; death resolution
SR1006 C Christina Taylor Green; death resolution
SR1007 C Dorothy Morris; death resolution
SR1008 C Honorable John Roll; death resolution
SR1011 C national day of the cowboy
SR1013 C Lloyd Oliver; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor