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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Trish Groe

Trish Groe

District 3

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 309
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5408
Fax Number: (602) 417-3103


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Committee Assignments
Appropriations Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Health Member Click Here Click Here
Water and Agriculture Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Welfare Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2078 C property tax commission; sunset continuation
HB2079 C income tax credit review schedule
HB2080 C family tax credit; inflation adjustment
HB2081 C tax credit review committee; membership
HB2082 C property valuation; advisory committee
HB2083 C corporate income tax subtractions; dividends
HB2084 C income tax credit; other states See Vote
HB2155 C prescriptions; emergencies See Vote
HB2259 P* sex offenders; driver licenses
HB2260 P* paychecks; social security numbers
HB2261 P* lobbying; no gift registry
HB2262 P* CPS; reports of abuse; notification
HB2263 P* CPS; interviews; right to refuse
  (NOW: CPS; required information
HB2264 P* appropriation; primary care facilities
HB2318 C minimum wage; disabled employees
HB2321 C adequate water supply; city designation
HB2336 P corporate income tax rate reduction
HB2337 P individual income tax rate reduction
HB2380 P charitable organizations; tax credit
HB2394 C school tax credits; contribution date
HB2400 P accelerate class one tax reduction.
HB2401 C state equalization property tax; repeal..
HB2436 C health care actions; proof
HB2438 C controlled substances; monitoring program
HB2442 C photo enforcement; law enforcement exception
HB2458 P emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HB2465 P archives building; purchase of property
HB2471 P public benefits; eligibility
HB2473 P border technology; appropriations; implementation
HB2475 P traffic violations; prove legal presence
  (NOW: legal presence; traffic violations
HB2488 C drought emergency groundwater transfers
HB2504 P CPS; investigations; confidentiality
HB2505 P child protective services workers
HB2506 C tax simplification; income tax repeal
HB2507 C tax exemption; personal property
HB2510 C tuition waivers; combat deaths
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2587 C in-home care providers study committee See Vote
HB2598 P CPS; hearings; proceedings; advocate
HB2607 C contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability
HB2608 C dental practices; ownership
  (NOW: dentistry; disciplinary action
HB2611 P* DNA testing; arrest; serious offenses
HB2625 P* water supply; residential property sales
HB2627 P income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
See Vote
HB2632 C blood donors; minors
HB2641 C parental consent; abortion
HB2663 C tax credit; residential sewer expenses
HB2664 P* water; interstate transportation
HB2681 P* utility assistance; qualified fuel fund See Vote
HB2692 C water supply development revolving fund See Vote
HB2693 C water adequacy provisions
  (NOW: water provisions; adequacy
HB2698 C sanitary districts; public facilities
HB2750 P justice courts; collocation prohibition
  (NOW: justices of the peace; jurisdiction
See Vote
HB2751 P immigration law; appropriation
HB2752 P illegal aliens; domestic terrorism
HB2753 P vehicle impoundment and immobilization See Vote
HB2758 P justices of the peace; funding See Vote
HB2761 C driver licenses; physician mandatory reporting
HB2764 C precinct committeemen; members
HB2765 C national guard; civil liability
HB2766 C national guard mobilization; border; appropriation
HB2767 P* irrigation districts; board member qualifications
HB2779 P fair and legal employment act See Vote
HCM2008 C urge protection; Kofa herd
HCR2005 C property tax; business property exemption
HCR2014 C initiative and referendum; signature distribution
HCR2018 C repeal business personal property tax
HCR2019 C income tax repeal; tax simplification
HCR2020 C clean elections; repeal
HCR2021 P border technology; appropriations
HCR2022 C illegal alien trespass
HCR2023 P marriage
HCR2024 P emergency; confiscation of firearms; prohibition
HCR2025 P state appropriation limit; reduction
HCR2027 C punitive damages; limitation
HCR2049 P immigration enforcement
HCR2050 P fallen soldiers; unauthorized use
HCR2051 P fair and legal employment; referendum
HJR2001 C Lower Colorado basin; forbearance authority.
HR2001 C state aviation day.
SB1022 C qualified immunity; public entities; employees
SB1024 C corporate income tax; sales factor
SB1025 C income tax exemption; military pensions
SB1250 C concealed weapons permit; renewal.
SB1251 C deadly weapons; storage
SB1301 C misconduct involving weapons; exception.
SB1308 C CORP; probation officers; service purchase
SB1347 C teenage driver safety act
SB1588 C financial institution records; disclosure; notice
SB1602 C city permits; waste regulation
SB1628 C youthful sex offenders; treatment
SB1636 C stolen vehicles; license plate images
SM1003 C national identification cards
  (NOW: unfunded mandate; REAL ID Act


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor