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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Laurin Hendrix

Laurin Hendrix

District 22

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 344
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5735
Fax Number: (602) 417-3122


Laurin Hendrix was elected to the Arizona State House of Representatives in November of 2008. Representative Laurin Hendrix brings to the legislature considerable business experience as an entrepreneur. He has been self employed since leaving college. Over the past 25 years, Laurin has owned and managed businesses specializing in auto repair, manufacturing, home construction, land development, retail sales, import/exports, business consulting, and banking.

Laurin has been selected as the Vice Chairman of the Commerce Committee and serves as a member of the Education Committee. In addition to being a political advocate, Laurin enjoys a variety of hobbies including backpacking, reading, gardening, traveling, and flying remote control airplanes. He is also a licensed private pilot, a merit badge counselor and member of an eagle scout review board for the Boy Scouts of America.

Laurin was raised in California, and moved to Arizona in 1987 in pursuit of a better quality of life, lower taxes, and less government intervention in his personal life. After moving to Arizona, he met his wife, Evelyn, and now has five children attending public schools.


Committee Assignments
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Education Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2056 C workers' compensation; truckers; officer escorts
HB2073 C state equalization property tax repeal..
HB2125 C permissible raffles; clubs
HB2126 C tax refund checkoff boxes
HB2246 C university funding equalization plans
HB2253 C publication of notices; websites
  (NOW: public legal notices; committee
HB2255 C fertilizer fund; pesticide fund; uses
HB2256 C border regional port authority
HB2286 C tax credit; charitable organizations
HB2287 C tax credits; withholding tax reduction See Vote
HB2288 C premium tax credit; STO contribution
HB2307 C health savings accounts; reimbursement; incentives
HB2308 P* residential contractors' recovery fund
HB2309 P* school tax credit; fees; limitation
HB2314 C property valuation; telecommunications companies
HB2360 C general obligation bond requirements
HB2361 C tax exemption; personal property
HB2362 C tax exemption; personal property.
HB2400 C partial-birth abortions; definition
HB2426 C enhanced driver licenses; prohibition
HB2429 C Arizona masonic fraternity special plates
HB2434 C homeowners' associations; document amendments
HB2435 P* amendments; self-storage units
HB2441 C liquor licenses; public recreation area
HB2448 C national guard; morale, welfare fund
HB2449 C mandatory fingerprinting; central state repository
  (NOW: fingerprinting; arrest; procedures
HB2450 C honorary diplomas; war veterans
HB2451 C used catalytic converters; sales prohibited
HB2459 C schools; superintendents; certification
HB2460 C mental health services; court costs
HB2461 C developmental disabilities; program plans; burial See Vote
HB2463 C school districts; accounting responsibility; threshold
HB2466 C school districts; maximum tax rate
HB2468 C contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability.
HB2480 C regional transportation authorities; qualifying counties.
HB2481 C joint legislative committee; transportation; Mexico
HB2482 C civil air patrol; federal monies
HB2486 C health insurance; purchase outside state
  (NOW: commercial mortgage broker license
HB2516 P schools; administrative reduction
HB2525 P* TAPBI programs; schools
HB2554 P abortion; nurses; prohibition
HB2559 C schools; AIMS test; additional subjects
HB2560 P certification in medical specialty; disclosure
HB2564 C abortion
HB2632 C unemployment insurance; benefits
HCM2006 C state land; natural resources
HCM2009 P opposing federal firearms legislation
HCR2012 C personal property; tax exemption
HCR2013 C personal property; tax exemption amount
HCR2022 C school district expenditures; authorization..
HCR2024 C sovereignty; tenth amendment.
HCR2035 P T. Dennis Barney; death resolution
HCR2036 C supporting the citizens of Iran
HR2001 P David Hurt; death resolution
SB1142 C public expenditure transparency database
SB1312 C perinatal mood disorder study committee
SB1327 C tobacco sales; self-service displays
SCR1020 C senate confirmation; justices and judges
SCR1026 P secret ballot; fundamental right
SCR1029 C perinatal mood disorders


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor