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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Debbie Lesko

Debbie Lesko

District 21

1700 W. Washington
Room 302
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5413
Fax Number: (602) 417-3109

Personal Information:
Home City: Peoria
Occupation: State Representative and Community Advocate
Member Since: 2009
      • Happily married mother of three children
      • Senate Finance Committee Chairman 
      • Advisory Council, Faith House Domestic Violence Shelter
      • WESTMARC Education Committee and Economic Development Committee Member
      • Served as Ironwood High School Booster Club Member
      • Served as Desert Valley Elementary Site Council Member 
      • Arrowhead Republican Women's Club Member
      • Served as fund-raising chairman for children’s school for 3 years.
      • Arizona Federation of Taxpayers’ Board Member 2005-2008
      • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member with City of Glendale Fire Dept.
      • Served as Elected Officer of the State and County Republican Party
      • AZ Citizens Defense League member
      • Served on the 2025 City of Glendale Master Plan committee
      • Served as a hearing officer in the North Valley Justice Court
      • NRA member
      • Served as Legislative District 9 Republican Chairman
      • Served as voter registration chairman for the Maricopa County Republican Party
      • Served as 1st Vice President of the Arrowhead Republican Women Club
      • Served as Treasurer of the PUSD Community Committee


Committee Assignments
Appropriations Member Click Here Click Here
Finance Chairman Click Here Click Here
Health and Human Services Member Click Here Click Here
State Debt and Budget Reform Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Water and Energy Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2064 P graduation requirement; civics test
HB2128 P leased religious property; class nine
HB2147 C TPT; municipal tax; pole attachment
HB2174 P empowerment scholarship accounts; grandchildren
HB2213 P inspections; audits; notice; rights
HB2326 C compact; balanced budget; convention
HB2431 C uniform firearms transfer compact
HB2432 C Arizona first responders' day
HB2509 C aggravated assault; firearms
HB2522 P special plates; health sciences; hockey
HB2526 P governor's regulatory review council; membership
HB2568 P insurance premium tax reduction
HB2572 C county roads; repairs; damage reimbursement
HCM2001 C federal balanced budget amendment
HCR2003 C application; Article V convention
HCR2007 P Fisher Houses; twenty-fifth anniversary
HCR2016 C personal property tax; exemption
SB1051 C autocycles; class M license; exemption
SB1054 P* CORP; health benefits; retirement benefits See Vote
SB1055 P* EORP; health benefits; retirement benefits See Vote
SB1056 P* candidate nominations; signatures; registration address
SB1057 P* PSPRS; health benefits; retirement benefits See Vote
SB1088 P* income tax brackets; inflation index.
  (NOW: empowerment scholarship accounts; eligibility
SB1091 P* homeowners' associations; removal; special meetings See Vote
SB1095 P* community colleges; optional retirement plans
SB1096 P* ASRS; actuarial valuation method See Vote
SB1097 P* ASRS; health insurance benefits
SB1099 P* technical correction; taxes; intangible income
SB1100 P* technical correction; armed forces; taxes
SB1119 P* distribution of revenues; technical correction
  (NOW: ASRS; purchase of credited service
SB1120 P* technical correction; restaurant classification
  (NOW: fine art; TPT; exemption
SB1121 P* ASRS; participation opt out; continuation
SB1122 P* technical correction; payment method
SB1123 P* healthy forest enterprise credits; repeal
SB1124 P* technical correction; unemployment compensation withholding
SB1133 P* TPT; municipalities; customer refund claims
SB1137 C declaration of disaster; military installations
SB1171 C campaign reports; late filings; notice See Vote
SB1172 P schools; information; political activity; prohibition
SB1173 P schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources
SB1188 P* internal revenue code conformity
SB1216 P* 2015 tax correction act See Vote
SB1240 P* tobacco tax statutes; reorganization See Vote
SB1267 P* schools; exempt fundraisers
SB1275 C convicted felons; attempted weapon possession
SB1284 P direct payments; providers; facilities; deductible
SB1285 C job training; stipends; STEM; internships See Vote
SB1286 P charter schools; private postsecondary institutions
SB1287 C ballot contents disclosure; prohibition
SB1288 P prescription drug coverage; medication synchronization
SB1297 P* psychotropic drugs; foster children; report
SB1298 C rules; counties; flood control districts
SB1318 P abortion; health care exchange; licensure See Vote
SB1319 C taxation; self-reported errors; injured spouses
SB1320 C cosmetology board; makeup artists; exemption
SB1325 P first responder special plates
SB1326 C wrongful arrest; record clearance
SB1332 P empowerment scholarship accounts; reservation residences See Vote
SB1335 C fire access roads; limitation; enforcement.
SB1371 P* schools; desegregation; OCR; funding; phase-out
SB1401 C home care services; disclosure
SB1403 C consumer lawsuit loans; prohibition
SB1404 P health care directives; conflicts
SB1406 P schools; audit findings; financial penalty
SB1432 C hotel employees; room access; backgrounds
SB1433 P* utilities; facilities relocation; cost reimbursement
SB1434 P* empowerment scholarship accounts; open enrollment
SB1435 C public meetings; definition
SB1441 C official state metal; copper
SB1446 P* TPT reform; contractors
SB1450 C securities registration; exemption; website operators
  (NOW: banks; insuring organization
See Vote
SB1464 C student, teacher data collection; prohibitions
SB1465 P* distributed energy generation systems; disclosure See Vote
SCM1005 P proposing regulation freedom amendment; Congress
SCM1011 C mortgage standards; urging federal government
SCM1013 P rulemaking; electric generating units; opposition
SCM1014 P urging EPA; ozone concentration standard
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1019 C commending Israel
SCR1020 P Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor