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Forty-eighth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Steve Farley

Steve Farley

District 28

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 119
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3022
Fax Number: (602) 417-3128


Personal Information:

Home City: Tucson
Member Since: 2007

Steve Farley is a 45-year-old small-business owner and father of Amelia, 13, and Genevieve, 9. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College (Mass.) in 1985 with a bachelorís degree in Political Science. He was elected to the Arizona Legislature as State Representative from District 28 in November 2006. He now serves as the Ranking Democrat on the Government and Ways & Means committees, as well as Member of the Transportation committee.

Steve is well-known to Tucsonans as the artist who gathered personal photos from the Tucson community and turned them into those historic photographic tile murals around the Broadway Underpass, at the eastern gateway to Downtown Tucson, using a tilemaking process he invented.

Steve has been actively involved in City politics for the past seven years, in particular as a strong advocate for neighborhoods, downtown revitalization, and sustainable transportation improvements.

"He can make things happen, and it's not in the traditional political way," said Tucson attorney and political activist Clague Van Slyke III in an article in the Tucson Weekly. "He has great ideas; he has a lot of vision, and he can get things done by bringing people together. And he’s not hidebound by traditional political ties."

He is founder of the transit advocacy group Tucsonans for Sensible Transportation. In that role, he motivated hundreds of grassroots volunteers and donors to gather more than 18,000 signatures from city voters to place on the ballot a Citizensí Transportation Initiative (that would have boosted transportation alternatives) in November 2003, and won over 70% of the vote in much of the central city, although it was defeated overall.

He didn’t give up. He went on to work with conservationist Carolyn Campbell alongside former rivals from the business and development community as a key member of the Citizen Advisory Committee that created the multimodal Tucson Regional Transportation Authority sales tax and plan on the ballot on May 16, 2006. He was instrumental in convincing an initially anti-transit committee to raise the portion allotted to public transit  from $200 million to $532 million in the final plan. He served on the Executive Committee and was a chief spokesperson for the Yes!! for Regional Transportation campaign for approval of the tax and plan. That initiative won 60% of the vote, and was the first transportation tax and plan to pass in Tucson history, after four previous tries.

Farley has been Vice-Chair of the Pima Association of Governments Regional Transportation Plan (PAG-RTP) Task Force, a member of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Citizens Advisory Committee, and a member of the City of Tucson Major Transit Investment Study Citizen Advisory Group. The Arizona Transit Association honored him with the statewide 2006 Friend of Transit award. He is also a Board Member of the central-city Blenman Elm Neighborhood Association and the Tucson Downtown Alliance.  He has collaborated with a broad range of Tucson environmentalists and government officials on various livability issues ranging from the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan to alternative modes of transportation to organic gardening to smart growth to water harvesting to urban design.

He has been named “Conservation Hero” by the Arizona League of Conservation Voters, “Legislative Champion” by the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, and “Arts Hero” by Arizona Citizen Action for the Arts.


Committee Assignments
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2086 P insurance; cancer screening examinations
HB2087 C noncertificated school employees; policies
HB2109 C cellular telephones; use while driving
HB2129 P* text messaging while driving; prohibition
HB2130 P* child passenger booster seats
HB2131 P* development fees; public transportation
HB2132 P* AHCCCS; retirees; eligible members
HB2133 P* AHCCCS; eligibility
HB2206 P teacher shortage student loan program
HB2220 C procurement code; exemption
HB2272 C AHCCCS; members; employers; reports
HB2276 P clean car standards; no idling
HB2306 C feral honeybees; public nuisance
HB2308 C appropriations; border county costs
HB2328 C county graffiti abatement See Vote
HB2329 C appropriation; Native American veterans' outreach
HB2330 C Indian affairs commission; legislative day
HB2331 C tribal lands teacher student loans
HB2332 C out-of-state students; admission.
  (NOW: school governing board; admission; nonresidents
See Vote
HB2333 C appropriation; Navajo Shonto community center
HB2334 P* air quality; vapor recovery; Tucson
HB2335 P* urban revenue sharing increase
HB2345 P annual adjustment; motor fuel taxes
HB2346 P motor fuel taxes; annual adjustment
HB2356 C breast-feeding; juries; workplace privacy
HB2358 C sentencing; misdemeanors involving hate
HB2532 C minimum wage; state employees
HB2534 C cities; water conservation
HB2535 C land divisions; water requirements
HB2536 C caged egg-laying hens
HB2537 C animal testing; prohibition
HB2538 C sales tax exemption; nonprofit housing
HB2539 C regulations; payday loans
HB2541 P insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HB2578 C health care businesses; consumer information
HB2579 C workers' compensation; benefit amount.
HB2582 P* local ordinances; water harvesting
HB2583 P* local land subdivisions; size
HB2587 P in-home care providers study committee See Vote
HB2593 C homeowners' associations; solar panels
HB2596 P* political campaigns; no call list
HB2601 P graduated driver licenses
HB2606 P state buildings; energy conservation
HB2613 P kindergarten; full-time students
HB2614 C state contracts; performance; disclosure
HB2623 P AHCCCS; children's health insurance program
HB2627 P income tax deadlines
  (NOW: prime contracting; property owners
See Vote
HB2633 C commission on student discipline
HB2634 C African-American affairs; commission.
HB2643 P transactions; deferred presentment; database
HB2644 C lobbyists; gift ban
HB2645 P grants; scholarships; tax credit; repeal
HB2648 C leaf blowers; nonattainment areas
HB2649 C autopsies; required identifying information
HB2650 C real estate department; funding; awards
HB2651 C agricultural improvement districts; renewable energy
HB2653 C environmental policy act
HB2665 P* retail sales; overcharge; damages
HB2666 C PSPRS; benefit increase; disability retiree
HB2667 C appropriation; developmental disabilities
HB2668 P lot splits; military bases; prohibition
HB2674 P* electricity consumption tax; solar rebates
HB2675 C appropriation; public school employees; retirement
HB2677 P state health plan
HB2679 C appropriation; Tucson WW II memorial
HB2681 C utility assistance; qualified fuel fund See Vote
HB2698 C sanitary districts; public facilities
HB2699 C unauthorized persons; border security
HB2705 C family leave insurance.
HB2710 C home sales; water supply disclosure
HB2712 C clean elections; matching funds limit
HB2714 P teacher certification; proficiency exam reciprocity
HB2719 C border regional port authority See Vote
HB2722 C homeowners' associations; condominiums; judgments; fees
HB2724 C income based tuition waiver scholarships
HB2727 P AHCCCS; healthcare group; waiting period
HB2729 C smoking in vehicles with minors
HB2730 C DUI; ignition interlock device
HB2731 P teachers; minimum salary
HB2737 C payment of wages; administrative rule
HCM2003 C policy recission; gays in military
HCM2011 P comprehensive immigration reform
HCM2013 C railroad rights-of-way
HCR2005 P property tax; business property exemption
HCR2036 P highway user revenue fund uses
HCR2037 P business personal property taxes; exemption
HCR2042 C centennial; UPS.
HCR2045 C local mandates; funding
HCR2046 P equal rights amendment; ratification.
HJR2001 C Lower Colorado basin; forbearance authority.
HM2001 C employee free choice act
HR2001 C state aviation day.
HR2002 P Virginia Tech; honoring those killed
SB1345 C identity theft; freezing consumer report
  (NOW: identity theft; freezing credit report
SB1473 C payday loans; military
SB1474 P long-term care insurance
SB1510 P sports authority; Cactus league relocations


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor