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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
  Sally Ann Gonzales

Sally Ann Gonzales

District 3

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 332
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3278
Fax Number: (602)

Personal Information:
Home City: Tucson
Occupation: Educator
Member Since: 1997-2000, 2011-2015
Representative Sally Ann Gonzales was born in Brawley, California and raised in the Yaqui community of Guadalupe, Arizona with her ten sisters and brothers. She is married to longtime Pascua Yaqui tribal councilman Luis Gonzales with whom she has five daughters and 22 grandchildren. Sally holds a BA in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and a Masters in Multicultural Education from the University of Arizona.

In 1992 she was elected to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council and served until 1996 when she was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives. There she served two terms in the House representing her legislative district where she sat on the Appropriations Committee, the Government Operations Committee, and as the ranking member of the Public Institutions & Universities committee. A strong proponent for quality education, health care and children’s, women’s, and employee rights; Sally sponsored and/or co-sponsor legislation to improve the lives of women and children that made positive improvements in education and health care for all. Her sponsorship specifically included, among other areas, legislation for foreign language instructions, lead poisoning prevention, solar and clean energy incentives, teacher salaries, maternity benefits, postpartum care, diabetes treatment, gang prevention, class size reduction, and environmental justice.

Before staring her political career, Sally was an education professional. After leaving the legislature in 2000, she continued within her profession, serving as the Education Director of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. Her professional experience includes teaching, teacher training and administration for Tucson Unified School District, Tempe Elementary Schools, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona.

At Arizona State University’s Center for Indian Education (CIE), Sally served as program manager for a year long professional teacher-training program for twenty indigenous teachers from southern Mexico. She was also served as program manager for the Arizona Tri- Universities for Indian Education (ATUIE), the first and only consortium in the country dedicated to improving the condition of American Indian students in higher education.

At the University of Arizona, Sally served as coordinator for two programs. One was Manos a la Vida, a self- intervention research project that worked with women with breast cancer within the Hispanic community in the southern Arizona and the border of communities in Mexico. She also coordinated the Bedouin-Yaqui Project, a unique educational research project working with the Bedouins of Israel and Yaquis from Tucson, Arizona.

Sally was a board member of the Pima Prevention Partnership, founded through the Center of Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) as a grassroots self-help organization to produce a lasting and significant reduction in substance abuse in the community by incorporating collaborative skill building and leadership training to empower community groups to assume responsibility for understanding and acting on substance abuse issues within their communities.

Sally is currently the president of the board of Guadalupe Affordable Housing Inc. (GAHI), a for-profit corporation incorporated to conduct real estate development, specifically single and multi-family affordable housing developments. Its objectives are to promote the availability of quality and affordable housing for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

Throughout her adult life, she has been involved in a wide range of civic activities to promote the rights of minority populations, especially Indigenous and Hispanic communities who are the historical and cultural foundation of Arizona.


Committee Assignments
Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here
Judiciary and Public Safety Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2081 C schools; compulsory attendance age; increase
HB2083 C schools; overrides; ballot language
HB2099 C ADOT licenses; authorized presence repeal
HB2140 C Arizona silver-haired legislature
HB2141 C DHS; state food standards
HB2142 C foster parents; training
HB2172 C medical assistance requests; evidence; mitigation
HB2223 C child care waiting list; appropriation
HB2323 C critical health information; emergency responders
HB2327 C repeal; right to work.
HB2328 C corporate income tax rate; freeze
HB2336 C end-of-life decisions; terminally ill
HB2347 C employment omnibus
HB2364 C employment; housing; public accommodations; antidiscrimination.
HB2383 C state finance review; task force.
HB2391 C appropriation; JTEDs; 9th grade
HB2414 C wage disclosure; employee rights
HB2424 C mitigation monies; school bus fleets
HB2425 C appropriation; highway user revenue fund
HB2426 C community health workers; voluntary certification.
HB2427 C misconduct involving weapons; firearm storage
HB2428 C prisoners; earned release credits
HB2429 C abortion; admitting privileges; repeal
HB2439 C home health aides; qualifications
HB2442 C AHCCCS; dental care; pregnant women
HB2446 C contracting; investments; prohibition; border wall
HB2453 P* schools; prohibited courses; repeal
HB2455 C appropriation; untested sexual assault kits
HB2456 C presidential candidates, electors; tax returns.
HB2474 C veterans; mental health courts; establishment
HB2478 C TPT; Indian tribes; motor vehicles
HB2479 C AHCCCS; waivers; tribal exemptions
HB2487 C lottery distributions; teacher salary increases
HB2489 C online impersonation; offense
HB2490 C liquor licenses; municipalities; disapproval
HB2500 C release conditions; pretrial release program
HB2502 C joint select commission on corrections.
HB2503 C criminal justice commission; membership; report.
HB2505 C appropriation; adult protective services
HB2519 C appropriation; child care subsidy program
HB2531 C clean elections; county candidates
HB2532 C state-owned bank task force
HCM2004 C urging Congress; affordable care act
HCM2009 C veterans; job recruitment; urging Congress
HCR2012 C ratification; equal rights amendment
HCR2015 C right to work; repeal.
HCR2016 C care enough; get in way
HCR2021 C suicide prevention month
HCR2024 C Latina-owned businesses; support
SCR1025 C Latina-owned businesses; support.


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor