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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Jeff Dial

Jeff Dial

District 18

1700 W. Washington
Room 306
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5550
Fax Number: (602) 417-3120

Personal Information:
Home City: Chandler
Occupation: Businessman
Member Since: 2011
Arizona State Senator Jeff Dial is a businessman, realtor, veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve and a community leader. Senator Dial was born in Glendora, California where he attended public school and graduated from Glendora High School. He attended Citrus Community College where he played on the school's football team, and helped tie the school record for most wins in a season with a 9 and 1 record. Jeff was also honored to serve as student body President and be elected on to the school's board of trustees. In 1999 he transferred to Arizona State University, where he would receive his BA degree.

Jeff's father was a chemist and a business owner, while his mother was an elementary school teacher. From an early age he learned the importance of integrity and hard work; philosophies and beliefs that he is continually committed to today.

Having lived in each major municipality of LD 18--Ahwatukee, Chandler and Tempe--and walked more than 30,000 homes, Jeff understands the unique challenges and needs of the various citizens in his district. In his time at the legislature, Senator Dial has been committed to making Arizona a great place to live, work and raise a family. As Chairman of the State Debt and Budget Reform Committee, he has concentrated his legislative work on jobs, education and making Arizona a pro-business environment. 

Jeff is an avid hiker, weightlifter and moviegoer, and attends Mountain Park Community Church in Ahwatukee. He is continually thankful for the tremendous confidence the community has already shown him and continues to work hard to maintain their trust and support.

Senator Dial has also been honored to receive various awards including the 2013 Tech Ten Legislator of the Year award, the 2012 Golden Apple award, and the Friend of the Business award from the Chamber of Commerce.

Jeff Dial Republican District 18 Arizona State Senate 1700 West Washingston Phoenix, AZ 85007 Phone Number: (602)926-5550 Fax Number: (602)417-3120 Email Address:


Committee Assignments
Commerce and Workforce Development Member Click Here Click Here
Education Member Click Here Click Here
State Debt and Budget Reform Chairman Click Here Click Here
Transportation Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2213 P inspections; audits; notice; rights
HB2323 C Arizona job finance bonds
  (NOW: industrial development authority; projects
HB2333 P tax credit; research activity; refunds
HB2426 P additional classroom time for kindergartners.
HB2482 C student loan bonds
HB2517 C internet crimes against children; fund
HB2526 P governor's regulatory review council; membership
HB2578 C real property; purchaser dwelling actions
HCR2003 P application; Article V convention
HCR2007 C Fisher Houses; twenty-fifth anniversary
SB1065 P* school facilities; guidelines; projects
SB1067 P* university research infrastructure projects; appropriations.
SB1068 P* additional classroom time for kindergartners
SB1076 C teacher student loan program; appropriation
SB1077 C child care facilities; SFB guidelines
SB1117 P online instruction; state-approved charter authorizers
SB1130 P* schools; meal agreements; seniors; repeal
SB1138 P* cross-certification; federal peace officers; requirements
SB1139 P* dispersing assemblies; no public assistance
SB1140 P* failure; procure; exhibit; business license
SB1169 C fire code requirements; fire watch
SB1170 C forfeitures; annual report
  (NOW: quarterly reports; requirements; forfeitures
SB1183 C improvement districts; enhanced municipal services
SB1192 C community college tuition financing districts.
SB1195 P* searches; electronic devices; biometrics; warrants
SB1236 P* appropriation; alternative teacher development program
SB1237 P* electronic driver licenses; ADOT authority
SB1242 P* credit card fees; state entities
SB1243 P* reports; posting; legislative website
SB1244 P* competency-based innovation pilot programs
SB1245 P* liquor license renewal forms
SB1246 P* Arizona internal revenue service
SB1247 P* student data; privacy
SB1248 P* split department of revenue
SB1250 P* Native Americans
SB1267 P schools; exempt fundraisers
SB1268 P* trust lands; universities; designated trustee
SB1270 P JLBC; economic impact
SB1272 P state employees; backfilling; incentive rewards
SB1285 P job training; stipends; STEM; internships See Vote
SB1286 C charter schools; private postsecondary institutions
SB1287 C ballot contents disclosure; prohibition
SB1298 C rules; counties; flood control districts
SB1318 C abortion; health care exchange; licensure See Vote
SB1336 C banking permits; application process
SB1337 C state-chartered financial institutions; growth
SB1338 C savings and loan association permits See Vote
SB1374 P* joint candidate nomination petitions
SB1375 P* candidates; multiple party designations; ballots
SB1376 P* political signs; removal; disposal
SB1377 P* joint candidate fund-raising; allocation
SB1378 P* universities; commercial paper
SB1379 P* ASU; public enterprise university
SB1380 P* service; process; no public assistance
SB1381 P* private person arrest; duties
SB1382 P* special districts; debt level; report
SB1418 P* political committees, expenditures, contributions; definitions
SB1419 P* theft; age-restricted materials; sentencing
  (NOW: liquor licenses; stores; proximity exemption
SB1421 P* technical correction; veterans
SB1432 P hotel employees; room access; backgrounds
SB1441 C official state metal; copper
SB1450 C securities registration; exemption; website operators
  (NOW: banks; insuring organization
See Vote
SB1466 C livestock loss board; compensation fund See Vote
SCM1005 C proposing regulation freedom amendment; Congress
SCM1015 C urging Congress; increase customs personnel.
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1013 P* administrative rules; legislative review
SCR1019 C commending Israel
SCR1020 C Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor