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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Cloves C. Campbell, Jr.

Cloves C. Campbell, Jr.

District 16

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 124
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3042
Fax Number: (602) 417-3117

Personal Information:
Home City: Phoenix
Occupation: Publisher
Member Since: 2007
Representative Cloves Campbell, Jr. worked in the family business for over 25 years. Currently the Board Chairman and Co-Publisher of the Arizona Informant Newspaper, he held several positions at the paper. The Arizona Informant Newspaper has served the African American community of Arizona for 40 years.

Cloves Campbell currently serves in the Arizona State House of Representatives for District 16. Elected in 2006 he serves on the House Appropriations Committee, Banking and Insurance Committee and the Sub-Committee on Library and Archives. Equally active in the community, Cloves Campbell sits on several boards which include: Governor’s African American Advisory Board, Attorney General’s African American Advisory Board, Black Theater Troupe Board, Salvation Army Advisory Board, West Coast Black Publishers Board, Tanner Chapel A.M.E. Church Board of Trustees, and the 100 Black Men of Phoenix. He is also a Life Member of the NAACP.

Born and raised in South Phoenix, Cloves Campbell attended (Sheraton Park), Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, Percy L. Julian Jr. High, and East Phoenix High School.  He is an alumni of Pitzer College in Claremont, CA with a majored in Political Science.  Married for 19 years to Lanette, they have three children Daivon, Chanette and Cloves III.


Committee Assignments
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Banking and Insurance Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2080 C contractors; payment
HB2087 C professional employer organizations; agreements
  (NOW: agreements; professional employer organizations
HB2138 P graffiti implements; unlawful possession; minors
HB2141 C homeowners' associations; sun screens
HB2194 C large electronics recycling program
HB2216 C homeowner protection; mortgage broker duties
HB2218 C consumer reporting agencies; information sales
HB2219 C legislators; disclosure of interest
HB2229 C Arizona twenty-first century initiative; priority
HB2230 C voter registration; permanent early voting
HB2247 C home sales; water supply disclosure
HB2248 C green technology and manufacturing incentives
HB2314 C property valuation; telecommunications companies
HB2402 C schools; contractors; fingerprinting; crimes
HB2403 C state parks; solar hot water
HB2404 C spay; neuter; incentive programs
HB2432 C school board membership; family members
HB2434 C homeowners' associations; document amendments
HB2453 C law enforcement merit system; membership
HB2454 P* homeowners' associations; initiatives
HB2455 P* nondiscrimination; accommodation; employment; housing
HB2468 C contracts; construction; architect-engineer; proportional liability.
HB2469 C aggressive dogs; muzzles
HB2478 C victim's rights; statement of rights
HB2488 C deaf and blind schools; personnel
HB2517 C kennel inspections; counties
HB2518 C homeowners' associations; rainwater systems
HB2539 C off-highway vehicles; minors; restrictions
HB2542 C planned communities; energy saving devices
HB2544 C schools; sex education
HB2555 P* schools; eye examinations
HB2579 C presidential preference election; independent voters
HB2580 C community college board; vacancy; appointment
HB2586 C fuel taxes; amount; annual adjustment
HB2597 C unemployment benefits; disqualification.
HB2598 C family leave insurance.
HB2599 C insurance; mental health coverage; parity..
HB2601 C foreclosures; limitation; affidavit
HB2606 C civil rights; discrimination; employment
HB2624 C initiative reform; statutory measures
HCM2002 C dream act; urging adoption
HCM2003 C Washington, D.C.; voting representative
HCR2008 C eminent domain; slum clearance; repeal
HCR2009 C legislative referenda; limitation
HCR2024 C sovereignty; tenth amendment.
HCR2033 C initiative and referendum reform
HR2001 C David Hurt; death resolution
SB1311 C end-of-life options; right to know
SB1312 C perinatal mood disorder study committee
SB1410 C schools; harassment; bullying; protected classes.
SB1411 C seat belt violations
SCR1028 C health care decisions week
SCR1029 C perinatal mood disorders


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor