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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Gail Griffin

Gail Griffin
Majority Whip

District 14

1700 W. Washington
Room 212
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5895
Fax Number: (602) 417-3025

Personal Information:
Home City: Hereford
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Member Since: 2011
State Senator Gail Griffin represents Legislative District 14 in the Arizona State Senate. District 14 includes portions of 4 counties; Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Pima.

Gail Griffin is currently serving as the Majority Whip of the Senate and serves as the Chairman of the Water and Energy Committee, Vice Chairman of the Rural Affairs and Environment Committee, and as a member of the Financial Institutions, Judiciary, and Rules Committees.

She is the Co-Chairman of the Joint Border Security Committee, and the Joint Government and Private Lands Committee, as well as the Joint Committee on State Plans Relating to Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Existing Power Plants. She serves on the Water Banking Commission, the Water Protection Fund, Joint Legislative Budget Committee, Joint Committee on Capital Review, and many other committees of interest.

Gail Griffin also served in the Arizona House of Representatives and has been involved in issues at the local, state, and federal level for many years. She believes in a smaller government, less taxes, personal responsibility, protection of property rights, and in the free enterprise system. Senator Griffin will continue to fight for Veteran’s issues, for transparency in government, and will continue to challenge federal overreach, and support States Rights and our Constitution.

Gail has received many awards for her service which includes “Senator of the Year” from the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), “Legislator of the Year” from Arizona Rural Health Association and also from the Arizona Mining Association.

Gail’s activities and memberships include: Arizona Farm Bureau, Arizona Cattle Growers Association, Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCD), Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties, Realtor’s Association (Local, State, and National), Arizona Historical Society, and Sierra Vista Elks Lodge (2065). She has also been volunteering annually for the past 15 years with Girl’s State and she is a Stephens Minister with her local Church.

Gail is a Real Estate Broker (40 years) at Sierra Vista Realty and lives in Cochise County with her husband Bill. She and Bill together have 6 children and 7 grandchildren.


Committee Assignments
Financial Institutions Member Click Here Click Here
Judiciary Member Click Here Click Here
Rural Affairs and Environment Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Rules Member Click Here Click Here
Water and Energy Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2064 P graduation requirement; civics test
HB2104 P lottery game; veterans' assistance fund
HB2106 C emergency and military affairs; continuation
HB2142 C water infrastructure finance authority; prepayment
HB2213 P inspections; audits; notice; rights
HB2394 C air quality; agricultural management practices
HB2517 C internet crimes against children; fund
HB2526 P governor's regulatory review council; membership
HB2578 P real property; purchaser dwelling actions
HB2661 C multi-county water districts; storage tax
SB1029 P graduation requirement; civics test.
SB1051 C autocycles; class M license; exemption
SB1058 P* CORP; nondesignated positions
SB1059 P* contractor licensure exemptions; applicability
SB1060 P* technical correction; counties; powers
  (NOW: military retirees; exemption amount
SB1061 P* wage rates; technical correction
SB1071 C tax lien deeds; aggregate fees
SB1078 P* office of pest management
SB1079 P* solid waste collection; multifamily housing See Vote
SB1145 P* restoration to competency; state costs
SB1146 P* personalized classic car license plates
SB1147 P* water protection; technical correction
  (NOW: water banking fund
See Vote
SB1148 P* technical correction; water resources
SB1169 C fire code requirements; fire watch
SB1170 C forfeitures; annual report
  (NOW: quarterly reports; requirements; forfeitures
SB1172 C schools; information; political activity; prohibition
SB1173 P schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources
SB1184 P* municipal elections; ballot; disclosure
SB1185 P* appropriation; wolf recovery; litigation costs
  (NOW: guest removal; landlord tenant act
See Vote
SB1186 P* fallen correctional employees memorial
SB1187 P* services outside municipal boundaries; requirements See Vote
SB1194 P* technical correction; adoption
  (NOW: loan repayment; medically underserved areas
SB1199 P* technical correction; groundwater permits
SB1200 P* technical correction; mining museum
  (NOW: mining and mineral museum; transfer
See Vote
SB1201 P* technical correction; Arizona historical society
  (NOW: Arizona historical society; board; membership
See Vote
SB1210 P statutory drafting and revision
SB1211 P reviser's technical corrections; 2015
SB1238 P* subdivided lands; technical correction
SB1239 P* school tuition organization; technical correction
SB1267 C schools; exempt fundraisers
SB1280 C technical correction; transfer of ownership
SB1286 C charter schools; private postsecondary institutions
SB1298 P* rules; counties; flood control districts
SB1299 P* long-term park model spaces; hearings
SB1309 C party organization; precinct committeemen; meetings
SB1310 C dogs; licensing; vaccination; quarantine
SB1318 C abortion; health care exchange; licensure See Vote
SB1334 C banking permit; branch office; fees
SB1336 C banking permits; application process
SB1338 C savings and loan association permits See Vote
SB1342 P* responsibility of payment; utility services See Vote
SB1343 P* unemployment insurance; reimbursable employers
  (NOW: unemployment insurance; reimbursable employers
SB1344 P* organization of county; private property
  (NOW: municipal lobbyists; fiduciary duty
See Vote
SB1345 P* government purchase of private property
  (NOW: private land acquisition; study committee
SB1368 P* municipalities; additional business licenses; prohibition
SB1369 P* speed limits; local authorities; signage
SB1372 P* landlord tenant act; guest removal
SB1404 C health care directives; conflicts
SB1434 C empowerment scholarship accounts; open enrollment
SB1441 P official state metal; copper
SB1455 P* firefighter special plates
SB1456 P* criminal trespass; offense
SB1464 C student, teacher data collection; prohibitions
SB1465 P distributed energy generation systems; disclosure See Vote
SB1466 C livestock loss board; compensation fund See Vote
SB1467 C law enforcement officer rights
  (NOW: rights; law enforcement officers
SB1468 C international operations centers; incentives
SB1469 P general appropriations; 2015-2016.
SB1470 P capital outlay; 2015-2016.
SB1471 P revenue; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1472 P budget procedures; 2015-2016.
SB1473 P government; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1474 P environment; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1475 P health; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1476 P K-12 education; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1477 P higher education; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1478 P criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1479 P human services; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SB1480 P agency consolidation; budget reconciliation; 2015-2016.
SCM1001 P* department of education; technical correction
  (NOW: national monument designation; opposition
SCM1002 P* technical correction; department of agriculture
  (NOW: urging Congress; rights-of-way
SCM1003 P* technical correction; urging the president
  (NOW: Mexican wolf; urging USFWS
SCM1004 P* memorial; urging Congress; technical correction
  (NOW: waters; definition; urging Congress
SCM1005 C proposing regulation freedom amendment; Congress
SCM1006 P* urging Congress; Keystone pipeline; support
SCM1009 P* military bases; endangered species act
SCM1010 P* PILT program; SRS; full funding
SCM1011 P mortgage standards; urging federal government
SCM1012 P* endangered species transparency act
SCM1013 P* rulemaking; electric generating units; opposition
SCM1014 P* urging EPA; ozone concentration standard
SCR1006 P* Cochise college; fiftieth anniversary
SCR1007 P* general aviation appreciation month
SCR1010 P* Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1014 P* military bases; expressing support
SCR1018 P trust land management; budget reconciliation.
SCR1019 PZ commending Israel
SCR1020 P* Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor