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Arizona State Legislature
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Fiftieth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Peggy Judd

Peggy Judd

District 25

House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 126
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5836
Fax Number: (602) 417-3125

Personal Information:
Home City: Willcox
Occupation: Real Estate Office Manager
Member Since: 2011
Iím an experienced leader and event coordinator in community & business, an architect, office manager (when out of session) for our family Real Estate Co, former Rex Allen Days, Inc. President and Parks Rec Commissioner for 10 years. I have lived in Willcox, AZ all my life and have graduated with honors from Willcox High School, Phoenix Institute of Technology (Architectural Drafting) and The University of Arizona, at age 40, with a Bachelorís Degree in Anthropology and a Minor in Psychology.

I am absolutely in love with my wonderful husband of 30 years, Kit, and my 5 children, Richard, Melissa, Sharynn, Daniel and Cynthia, (and their spouses too) and my 8 precious grandchildren. I am a mother of a grown son with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who is doing very well and works on a farm (his lifelong dream) and was a foster parent for many years. I volunteered and/or was a substitute teacher in the Willcox Public School all the time my kids were attending. Serving as much as 20 hours a week: teaching weekly science workshop in 3rd grade, 7th and 8th grade playground lunch monitor, chaperone for all field trips, including overnight adventure camps, hiking club and senior trips. I am very proud of the years I served as Cub Scout Leader and even more proud of my two sons who earned their Eagle Scout Awards.

I am honored to have been elected to serve the magnificent State of Arizona. I am blessed to work in the AZ House with many intelligent and caring people who have dedicated their lives and service to the citizens of Arizona, as I have. It is my great pleasure to serve, and my joy increases each day, as I get to know more and more of the people in District 25 on a personal and collective basis. There is a heart and soul required in the business of lawmaking that cannot be fully described. The work is the only work, except for God's work, that has the potential of impacting each and every person in the state and lasting for generations and beyond. I pledge myself to stay true to those who have elected me. My goals are to be a driving force in securing the border, protecting the innocent and those who cannot help themselves, assuring responsible spending, achieving a balanced budget and creating jobs. May we work together to make Arizonaís 100th Birthday Year a productive and happy one for all.


Committee Assignments
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Energy and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here
Health and Human Services Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2076 C department of agriculture; continuation
HB2077 C federal agencies; registration with sheriff
HB2101 C protest activity; prohibition
HB2137 C dogs; cats; sterilization See Vote
HB2139 P* property tax valuation; land fraud
HB2145 C justification; defensive display; holster
HB2146 C concealed weapons permit; training
HB2167 P definition of dangerous drugs; synthetic
HB2169 C dental board; fees
HB2293 C community property; separate debts
HB2384 P abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes
HB2392 C firearms; federal law; school perimeters
HB2421 C school districts; budgets; financial reports See Vote
HB2422 C local government budgeting; posting; publication
HB2424 C probate; wards; rights See Vote
HB2544 C presidential candidates; affidavit of qualifications
HB2549 P state nickname; grand canyon state
HB2552 C agricultural property tax classification; equine.
HB2559 P reporting violent behavior; government entities
HB2560 C public service corporations; contractors; penalty
HB2561 C Arizona citizenship.
HB2562 C interstate compact; birth certificates
HB2581 C STOs; credits; administration
HB2583 C deadly physical force; reporting; admissibility
HB2587 C high schools; military recruiting; form See Vote
HB2593 C water salinity study committee
HB2609 C homeowners' associations; signs; political; leasing See Vote
HB2610 C public fiduciaries; due diligence
HB2619 C fund transfer; Arizona historical society
  (NOW: unemployment; special assessment
See Vote
HB2623 C landowner prohibition of hunting; posting See Vote
HB2636 C flat income tax
HB2639 C state contracts; preference; Arizona businesses
HB2644 C federal monies; union preference; prohibition
HB2656 P women veteran special plate
HB2672 C state employees; activity based compensation
HB2678 P* malpractice claim review; technical correction
HB2679 P* technical correction; technical registration board
HB2680 P* power authority; monies; technical correction
HB2681 P* county sales tax; alcoholic beverages
HB2682 P* English language learners; classrooms; balance
HB2683 P* potentially dangerous persons; DHS; reporting
HB2707 C general fund revenue limit See Vote
HB2713 C EORP; defined contribution retirement system
HB2725 C agriculture trust funds
HCM2002 C remove gray wolf; endangered species
HCM2003 C daily commuter program
HCR2015 P constitutional convention; federal debt
HCR2025 C board of executive clemency; commutation
HCR2032 C paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement
HCR2034 C recognizing pregnancy care centers
HCR2041 C drug and alcohol treatment district
HCR2050 C IBM; one hundredth anniversary
HCR2051 P Arizona; centennial song
HM2001 C F-35 program; support funding
HR2002 P* Mexico-U.S. commission; eradicate foot-and-mouth disease
HR2004 C honoring John Waddell
HR2007 C Warrene Ware; service
SB1171 P cities; acquisition of wastewater utility
SB1187 C dissolution of marriage; legal separation
SB1188 C adoption; marital preference
  (NOW: marital preferences; adoption
SB1194 P structural pest management; regulation
SB1201 C firearms omnibus
SB1204 C trash collection; multifamily housing
SB1205 C small transportation school districts; dissolution
SB1206 C delinquent taxes; inquiry; timely response
SB1246 P abortion.
SB1250 C donor conceived children
SB1265 C abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes.
SB1282 C political committee registration; religious entity
SB1284 C registrar of contractors; arbitration
SB1295 P provisional community colleges; levy limit
SB1296 P provisional community colleges; tuition
SB1297 P provisional community colleges; expenditure limit
SB1312 C STOs; credits; administration.
SB1318 P city council; vacancy; appointment; election
SB1319 P government land; restoring private land
SB1320 P residential tax assessment
SB1321 P property tax assessment; class two
SB1353 C moving violations; assessment; enforcement; equipment
SB1362 P flood control structures
  (NOW: structures; flood control districts
SB1525 P city; town; development fees
SB1610 C state firearm
SCR1028 C paycheck deductions; political purposes; requirement.
SCR1032 C new tax; election; supermajority approval
SCR1059 C supporting Wisconsin governor; legislature
SCR1061 C Mitch Menlove; death resolution
SR1013 C Lloyd Oliver; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor