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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Thayer Verschoor

Thayer Verschoor

District 22

1700 W. Washington
Room 310
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-4136
Fax Number: (602) 417-3220


Personal Information:

Home City: Gilbert
Valley Metro
Member Since:
January 2003
Born: May 16, 1961
Birthplace: Yuma, AZ
Wife: Carla Verschoor
Children: Ryan, Brad, Steve, Lisa, and Amy
Education: B.S. Political Science, ASU
Length of Residence: Life long in AZ
Party: Republican
Professional Career: Retail Manager, Business owner


Committee Assignments
Commerce and Economic Development Member Click Here Click Here
Healthcare and Medical Liability Reform Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Rules Member Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2164 C pharmacists; administration of immunizations
  (NOW: administration of immunizations; pharmacists
HB2238 C AHCCCS; DES; fraud reduction
HB2361 C tax exemption; personal property
HB2376 C imaging services; standards
HB2426 P enhanced driver licenses; prohibition
HB2439 C concealed weapons permit; safety course
HB2457 C university athletic facilities district
HB2466 C school districts; maximum tax rate
HB2488 P deaf and blind schools; personnel
HB2564 P abortion
HB2608 C small installment loan act
HB2616 C living wills; health care directives
  (NOW: health care directives; guardian decision
HCM2004 C secret ballots; protecting fundamental right
HCM2009 C opposing federal firearms legislation
HCR2022 C school district expenditures; authorization..
HCR2035 P T. Dennis Barney; death resolution
HCR2036 C supporting the citizens of Iran
SB1075 P license plates; obscuring name; warning
SB1076 P license plate attachment and display.
SB1109 C voter registrations; death notices
SB1113 C handguns; restaurants; posting
  (NOW: restaurants; handguns; posting
See Vote
SB1119 C restricted driver licenses; DUI
SB1132 C transportation school districts; lapsing.
SB1138 P partial-birth abortions; definition.
SB1142 C public expenditure transparency database
SB1147 C greenhouse emissions; regulations; fuel economy
SB1148 C deed restrictions; for sale signs
SB1149 P* child support; notice of lien
  (NOW: districts; university athletics
SB1153 P* railroad crossings
SB1157 C department of environmental quality; continuation
SB1158 C presidential candidates; proof of citizenship
SB1160 P vehicle title; registration; legal presence
SB1161 C PSPRS; reemployment
SB1162 C GIITEM appropriation; multijurisdictional task force
SB1166 C valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
SB1168 C federal monies; report
  (NOW: storage; firearms; motor vehicles
See Vote
SB1169 C vehicle impoundment; administrative towing fund See Vote
SB1171 C state agency rule making; moratorium
SB1206 C dissolution of marriage
  (NOW: abortion
SB1242 C weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves
SB1243 C justification; defensive display of firearm
SB1270 C firearms possession; concealed weapons permit
SB1314 P* underground storage tanks; technical correction
  (NOW: custodial and janitorial services; transfer
SB1331 P* prime contracting deduction; university improvements.
SB1335 C unauthorized aliens; licensing
SB1342 C continuation; department of environmental quality
SB1375 C parents' rights; education; discipline; health
  (NOW: student information; written parental request
SB1384 P* state aviation fund
SB1386 C charter schools; charter renewal period See Vote
SB1388 C graduation requirement; college entrance exam
SB1392 C K-3 academic gains; measurement
SB1393 C public education; students' religious liberties.
SB1400 P* dental assistants; community oral health
SB1401 P* juvenile adjudications; probation; disposition
  (NOW: juveniles; diversion; probation
SB1420 P* DUI; juvenile adjudication
  (NOW: juvenile; adjudication; diversion
See Vote
SB1434 C publicity pamphlet; judicial performance; comment
SB1459 C cold case reporting; victim reports
  (NOW: cold case register; victim report
SCR1006 C state appropriation limit; reduction
SCR1007 C justices and judges; senate confirmation
SCR1009 C voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension
SCR1010 C illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing
SCR1011 C taxpayer bill of rights
SCR1012 C spending accountability and transparency act
SCR1020 C senate confirmation; justices and judges
SCR1026 C secret ballot; fundamental right
SCR1045 P death resolution; Jake Flake
SR1003 P national day of the cowboy


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor