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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-first Legislature - First Regular Session
  Anna Tovar

Anna Tovar
Minority Leader

District 19

1700 W. Washington
Room 213
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-3392
Fax Number: (602) 417-3013


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Final Vote
HB2064 P training permits; military health professionals
HB2217 P extraordinary educators special plates
HB2484 P veterans; hiring preference; tax credit
HB2522 C native American tribes; TPT revenues
HB2523 C state transportation board; tribal representation
HB2530 C empowerment scholarship accounts; tests; surveys
HB2563 P teacher preparation programs; common core
HB2624 C foreclosure mediation program.
HB2625 P driver licenses; legal presence repeal
HB2628 C prosecutor presence; interview of minor
HB2629 C tampering with a witness
HCM2004 P veterans' home; tribal lands
HCR2036 C Boy Scouts of America
HR2002 P immigration reform; principles.
SB1049 P firearms; prohibition; postsecondary institutions
SB1050 C prohibited weapon; large capacity magazine
SB1051 P schools; bullying policies; sexual orientation
SB1090 P dependent children; placement; grandparents; stipend
SB1099 C electronic records; state library
SB1106 P* emergency contraception
SB1111 C spousal maintenance
SB1113 C hospitals; admission of pediatric patients
SB1114 C schools; daily organized physical activity
SB1160 P* driver licenses; authorized presence proof
SB1161 P animal abuser registration; registry
SB1166 C identifying information; former public officials
SB1191 P CPS; child abuse; reporting system
SB1194 P Juneteenth day; state holiday
SB1199 C AHCCCS; service providers
SB1200 C financial abuse of elders; reports
SB1201 C caregiver registries
SB1208 P pilot; foster care tuition waiver See Vote
SB1209 C minors; tobacco-derived products
SB1218 C text messaging while driving; prohibition
SB1219 C financial disclosure; model legislation; lobbying
SB1227 C sexual offenses; children; annual audit
SB1241 P teenage drivers; communication devices prohibited
SB1242 P multimedia production; tax incentives
SB1266 C illegal dumping; penalties See Vote
SB1267 C large electronics recycling program
SB1268 C class G licensees; communication devices
SB1270 C class G driver licenses; new drivers
SB1271 C solar school grant program
SB1273 P alcohol; drug abuse; courts; treatment
SB1299 C tax credits; rate reductions; suspension
SB1303 C dependent children; proceedings
SB1305 C charter schools; governance; management contracts
SB1306 P latino college completion study committee
SB1307 P custodial parents; arrest; child care
SB1308 P schools; AP courses; information
SB1309 C firearm sales; transfers; background checks
SB1318 C shared revenue; Navajo technical college
SB1334 P return to work program
SB1335 C secretary of state; committee prohibition
  (NOW: filing officer; campaign committee; prohibition
SB1337 C schools; CPR training See Vote
SB1341 C vulnerable adults; financial exploitation See Vote
SB1343 P girls' youth organization special plates
SB1351 C destination management company; exemption; refund
SB1357 C child welfare; reporting requirements
SB1390 C convicted felons; attempted weapon possession
SB1392 C unemployment insurance; eligibility; full-time students
SB1393 C texting while driving; mass transit
SB1394 C employee credit history check; limitations
SB1395 C insurance; credit scoring
SB1397 C seat belts; school buses
SB1398 C nurse-to-patient ratios; DHS rules
SB1399 P* universities; fixed tuition rates
SB1400 P* foreclosure mediation program
SB1401 P* foreclosures; right to rent
SB1402 P* schools; budget requests; bonds; elections
SB1424 P dangerous and incompetent defendants; commitment
SB1426 C DUI; elected school positions; disqualification
SB1435 P TPT exemptions; modular data center
  (NOW: modular data center; TPT exemptions
SB1463 C counties; flood control districts; rules
SCR1008 C Harriet Tubman day
SCR1020 C Sheriff Larry Dever; death resolution
SCR1021 P death resolution; Bill Konopnicki
SR1001 P immigration reform; principles
SR1002 C food allergies; awareness week
SR1003 P honoring Paul and Lorena Williams
SR1004 P death resolution; Bud Strom
SR1005 P partnership; Azerbaijan; U.S.


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor