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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-second Legislature - First Regular Session
  Steve Smith

Steve Smith

District 11

1700 W. Washington
Room 303
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5685
Fax Number: (602) 417-3167

Personal Information:

Home City: Maricopa
Occupation: Talent Agency Director
Member Since:2011

Steve was born and raised just outside of Detroit, Michigan and comes from a family of teachers, small business owners, medical professionals, and brave members of the United States military dating back to WWII.

He worked hard and paid his own way through college graduating with Honors from Michigan State University with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Cognate in Business Law. Steve ultimately moved to Arizona in 2001 and in addition to serving in the Senate and House of Representatives, he is currently the Director of a Phoenix-based Talent Agency.

His greatest accomplishment in life is marrying his beautiful wife Jamie and they with their five children live in the wonderful City of Maricopa. As devout Christians, Steve and his family strive to live their lives according to Godís will.

GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY is what Steve Smith stands for.

Some of Steve's primary commitments were that he would combat the illegal immigration epidemic the state was facing, balance the budget, and help fix Arizona's struggling economy and in his first year in office he kept his promise on all three. Steve authored the bill signed by the Governor that allows Arizona to construct its own border fence to help protect the citizens (something the federal government has not done), Arizona went from having a $1 billion+ deficit to having a nearly $600 million budget surplus, and Steve supported and helped lead in the effort in passing the "Jobs Bill" which moved Arizona from almost last in the country in job creation to #4.

Steve is considered the top conservative in Arizona after being ranked #1 by the Goldwater Institute and the Arizona Conservative Coalition, and was also named "Champion of the Taxpayer" by Americans for Prosperity.

Additionally, because of Steve's strong conservative record, he has earned many awards including the Conservative Hero Award and scored at the top of the major conservative and pro-taxpayer rankings.

Steve also has a 100% voting record in favor of pro-life and pro-second amendment rights.


Committee Assignments
Commerce and Workforce Development Vice-Chairman Click Here Click Here
Education Member Click Here Click Here
Federalism, Mandates and Fiscal Responsibility Member Click Here Click Here
Government Member Click Here Click Here
Public Safety, Military and Technology Chairman Click Here Click Here



Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2064 P graduation requirement; civics test
HB2105 P inmate medical services; rate structure
HB2106 C emergency and military affairs; continuation
HB2128 P leased religious property; class nine
HB2173 P escrow agents; legal tender
HB2174 P empowerment scholarship accounts; grandchildren
HB2175 C public rights-of-way; claims
HB2209 C government-owned real property; annual report
HB2213 P inspections; audits; notice; rights
HB2272 P law enforcement officers; firearm purchase
HB2313 C motor vehicle franchises; motorcycle dealers
HB2320 C firearms; permit holders; public places
HB2326 C compact; balanced budget; convention
HB2358 C TPT; exemption; crop dusters
HB2377 P law enforcement merit system; determinations
HB2509 C aggravated assault; firearms
HB2517 P internet crimes against children; fund
HB2526 P governor's regulatory review council; membership
HB2530 C schools; Arizona online instruction
  (NOW: Arizona online instruction; credit; schools
HB2568 C insurance premium tax reduction
HB2571 C DCS information; legislator discussion
HB2578 C real property; purchaser dwelling actions
HB2587 C state agencies; credit cards
HCM2001 C federal balanced budget amendment
HCR2003 C application; Article V convention
HCR2007 P Fisher Houses; twenty-fifth anniversary
HCR2008 P Arizona veterans hall of fame
HCR2016 P personal property tax; exemption
HCR2032 C county supervisors; two-term limit; referendum
SB1052 C charter school sponsors; community colleges
SB1069 P* ordinances; businesses; prohibited security requirements See Vote
SB1071 P* tax lien deeds; aggregate fees
SB1072 P* local planning; residential housing; prohibitions See Vote
SB1073 P* public records; redaction; former judges
SB1076 C teacher student loan program; appropriation
SB1093 P* online instruction; concurrent enrollment; testing
SB1104 P* contractor licensure requirements.
SB1131 C online charter schools; interscholastic activities
SB1134 P* renewable energy; definition
SB1135 P* tax liens; delinquency; partial payments. See Vote
SB1170 C forfeitures; annual report
  (NOW: quarterly reports; requirements; forfeitures
SB1171 C campaign reports; late filings; notice See Vote
SB1173 C schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources
SB1179 P* criminal damage; gangs; criminal syndicates
SB1180 P* traffic accidents; reports; damage amount
SB1221 P* technical correction; counties; vehicle refueling
SB1222 P* technical correction; military affairs
  (NOW: unauthorized plea agreements; deported arrestees
SB1223 P* technical correction; textbook purchase
SB1267 C schools; exempt fundraisers
SB1275 C convicted felons; attempted weapon possession
SB1285 C job training; stipends; STEM; internships See Vote
SB1286 C charter schools; private postsecondary institutions
SB1287 C ballot contents disclosure; prohibition
SB1291 P* firearms; state preemption; penalties
SB1292 P* dog breed restrictions; prohibition
SB1293 P* GIITEM subaccount; predictive policing technology See Vote
SB1294 P* victim compensation fund; medical bills
  (NOW: personal information; public record
SB1295 P* fingerprinting; judgment of guilt; records
SB1296 P* spousal maintenance; veterans disability benefits
SB1298 C rules; counties; flood control districts
SB1310 C dogs; licensing; vaccination; quarantine
SB1332 P empowerment scholarship accounts; reservation residences See Vote
SB1333 C constables; study committee
SB1337 C state-chartered financial institutions; growth
SB1403 C consumer lawsuit loans; prohibition
SB1404 P health care directives; conflicts
SB1432 C hotel employees; room access; backgrounds
SB1434 P empowerment scholarship accounts; open enrollment
SB1437 P* microbrewery licenses; producer limitations
SB1438 P* vehicle equipment; lighting
SB1439 P* judicially appointed psychologists; complaints See Vote
SB1440 P* ALTCS; developmental disabilities; rates; appropriation See Vote
SB1441 P* official state metal; copper
SB1442 P* state budget; estimates; hearing; notice
SB1443 P* occupational disease; post-traumatic stress disorder
SB1444 P* contact lens pricing; antitrust violation
SB1445 P* public records; peace officer's name See Vote
SB1450 C securities registration; exemption; website operators
  (NOW: banks; insuring organization
See Vote
SB1464 C student, teacher data collection; prohibitions
SB1467 C law enforcement officer rights
  (NOW: rights; law enforcement officers
SCM1005 P proposing regulation freedom amendment; Congress
SCM1008 P* disability rating process; veterans
SCM1011 C mortgage standards; urging federal government
SCR1010 P Senator Chester Crandell; death resolution
SCR1019 P commending Israel
SCR1020 P Mayor John Driggs; death resolution


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor