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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session
  Russell Pearce

Russell Pearce

District 18

1700 W. Washington
Room 110
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5760
Fax Number: (602) 417-3118

Personal Information:
Home City: Mesa
Occupation: Legislator (District 18, Mesa)
Member Since: January 2001
I am a fifth generation Arizonan.  I come from a blended family of 13 children.  My wife, Luanne is one of seven children. We have five children and 13 grandchildren. I am currently a State Senator from Legislative District 18.

I was a Chief Deputy for 23 years with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the fourth largest Sheriff’s office in the nation, and was responsible for many innovations including "Tent City" for inmates that saved taxpayers millions of dollars in construction costs. I was shot and critically wounded in the line of duty and was the recipient of the Medal of Valor (highest award given in law enforcement for exceptional bravery).  I was also nominated Deputy of the Year five times.  I established no smoking jails which included removal of explicit magazines, and removal of PG-13 and R rated movies from the county jail.

I have two sons in law enforcement, Colten with the Gilbert Police Department and Sean with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  My son, Sean was shot and critically wounded while serving a homicide warrant on an illegal alien on Dec. 16, 2004.  What made this so unusual was that I was at the Brookings Institute talking about the nation’s failed immigration policies in Washington D.C. when I was handed a note, stating, "There is an emergency at home, call immediately."  I stepped off the stage, found a phone and called home to find that my son had been critically injured and was being air-evacuated to a hospital.

I was the Director of Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division where I eliminated more than three million annual transactions, and reduced waiting time from over two hours to less than 20 minutes, which saved over $10 million annually in administrative costs.  I authored “Service Arizona” to renew vehicle registrations and other transactions twenty four hours a day from a home computer to save taxpayers time and money. 

I was the first North Mesa Justice of the Peace.

I was the Director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

In 2009 I was recognized as the number one legislator, “Hero of the Taxpayer” by the Americans for Prosperity, a taxpayer’s watchdog group. I have been consistently rated in the very top every year I have been in the legislature.

As a State legislator I was recognized by the Goldwater Institute as the number one legislator who proved to be the strongest ally against government encroachment on liberty.

I was one of only seven legislators in the nation and the only one in Arizona to receive the "Hero of the Taxpayer" award by the American Tax Reform Association, a national taxpayer and limited government association.

I am currently Chairman of the Arizona Senate's Appropriations Committee and proudly state that, “I am the gatekeeper, not the gift giver.  Taxpayer money comes from the hard labor of Dads and Moms."

I am Arizona’s, and the nation’s, most outspoken advocate for stopping the illegal invasion, securing our borders and enforcing our laws.

In 2004 I was the architect of The Citizen’s Initiative known as Proposition 200, also known as Protect Arizona NOW (Arizona's Citizens and Taxpayers Protection Act), to require:

  1. Proof of citizenship to register to vote. The U.S. Constitution established more than 200 years ago that only citizens may vote. The initiative requires everyone equally to prove eligibility. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 requires states to strengthen the integrity of their voter rolls, as does Title 7, Section 12 of the Arizona Constitution.
  2. Photo I.D. when voting. Photo I.D. Is required to cash a check, apply for welfare, sign a lease, or get a rental card at a video store. Governor Napolitano vetoed the photo I.D. bill, stating it was illegal. Yet 11 states already have laws requiring I.D. when voting. Some laws have been on the books for decades.
  3. Proof of eligibility to receive non-federal mandated public benefits. This is already on the books. The initiative would require everyone to provide proof of eligibility equally. The Urban Institute studied this extensively in 1994, the University of Arizona in 2001, and estimated such costs to vary widely in the tens of millions of dollars.
I authored:

Arizona’s Fair and Legal Employment Act; Arizona’s Employer Sanctions legislation, the toughest worksite enforcement bill in the nation to stop illegal employers and to protect jobs for Arizonans.

Proposition 100 in 2006, a Constitutional Amendment to refuse bond to any illegal alien who commits a serious crime in Arizona (passed by 78%).

Proposition 102 to require that an illegal alien who sues an American citizen cannot receive ANY punitive damages (passed by 75%).

Prop. 103 making English the Official Language of Arizona (passed by 72%).

TABOR, Arizona's Taxpayers Bill of Rights

Legislation to protect private property rights

Legislation to protect 2nd Amendment rights (A+ by the NRA and top ranked by the Arizona Citizens Defense League). 

I sponsored:

Proposition 102 the Marriage Amendment

Legislation to honor, respect and protect the life of the unborn

Tax reduction legislation (largest tax relief package in state history)

Regulatory reduction measures for business

Legislation to eliminate Affirmative Action by government (all government discrimination) SCR 1031 which will be on the November 2010 ballot

Educational background includes: BA in Management at the University of Phoenix; Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government; Motor Vehicle Legal and Law College; Advanced Executive Development, Arizona State University; Budget and Appropriations, University of Arizona; the Arizona Judicial College, Supreme Court of Arizona and over 2,000 hours of law enforcement training and executive and management training.

Address: P.O. Box 31987, Mesa, AZ  85275






Committee Assignments
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Appropriations Subcommittee on Education and Natural Resources Member Click Here Click Here
Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Welfare Member Click Here Click Here
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Sponsored Bills
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Final Vote
HB2147 C bill of rights monument; completion
HB2164 P pharmacists; administration of immunizations
  (NOW: administration of immunizations; pharmacists
HB2236 P county offices; business periods
  (NOW: county operation; management
HB2237 P AHCCCS; verification of eligibility
HB2238 P AHCCCS; DES; fraud reduction
HB2265 P child care facilities; licensure; exemptions
  (NOW: exemptions; licensure; child care facilities
HB2281 P appropriations for named claimants
HB2361 P tax exemption; personal property
HB2400 P partial-birth abortions; definition
HB2420 P misconduct involving weapons; vehicles
HB2425 P state treasurer; management fees
HB2426 C enhanced driver licenses; prohibition
HB2432 C school board membership; family members
HB2496 P unauthorized aliens; licensing.
HB2554 P abortion; nurses; prohibition
HB2564 P abortion
HB2607 P schools; disruption; interference; concealed firearms
HB2629 C license plate obstruction; wheelchair holders
  (NOW: license plates; disabled
HCM2009 P opposing federal firearms legislation
HCR2012 P personal property; tax exemption
HCR2013 P personal property; tax exemption amount
HCR2035 P T. Dennis Barney; death resolution
HCR2036 P supporting the citizens of Iran
SB1023 P* cities and towns; technical correction
  (NOW: premium tax credit; STO contribution
SB1024 P* consumer fraud; technical correction
SB1025 P* state employees; recognition; technical correction
SB1026 P* technical correction; food standards
SB1027 P* technical correction; bonds; tax considerations
  (NOW: capital outlay; FY 2009-2010
SB1028 P* technical correction; private funds; disposition
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; criminal justice
SB1029 P* technical correction; budget estimates
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; higher education
SB1030 P* technical correction; child hearing programs
SB1031 P* tax exemption; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; assets
SB1032 P* bond contracts; technical correction
  (NOW: appropriations for named claimants
SB1033 P* tax notes; definitions; technical correction
  (NOW: third party authorization; MVD; security
SB1034 P* technical correction; budget report
SB1035 P* school bonds; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; general government
SB1036 P* tax anticipation bonds; technical correction
  (NOW: budget reconciliation; general revenues
SB1037 P* state bonds; technical correction
SB1038 P* agency accounts; technical correction
SB1039 P* setoff debt; technical correction
SB1040 P* special masters; technical correction
SB1041 P* federal funds; technical correction
SB1042 P* technical correction; tax judges; qualifications
SB1113 P handguns; restaurants; posting
  (NOW: restaurants; handguns; posting
See Vote
SB1138 P partial-birth abortions; definition.
SB1142 P public expenditure transparency database
SB1147 P greenhouse emissions; regulations; fuel economy
SB1158 P* presidential candidates; proof of citizenship
SB1159 P* trespassing; illegal aliens
SB1160 P* vehicle title; registration; legal presence
SB1161 P* PSPRS; reemployment
SB1162 P* GIITEM appropriation; multijurisdictional task force
SB1163 P* loan applications; taxpayer identification numbers
SB1164 P* campaign finance; disclosure; occupation
SB1165 P* state treasurer; state financial condition
SB1166 P* valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
SB1167 P* weapons; misconduct; application
SB1168 P* federal monies; report
  (NOW: storage; firearms; motor vehicles
See Vote
SB1169 P* vehicle impoundment; administrative towing fund See Vote
SB1170 P* justice courts; criminal actions; venue
SB1171 P* state agency rule making; moratorium
SB1172 P* schools; data; noncitizen students
SB1173 P* public housing; legal presence
SB1174 P* state employee health insurance; coverage
SB1175 P* illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing.
  (NOW: performance of abortion; non-physician; prohibition
See Vote
SB1176 P* military family relief fund
SB1177 P* unauthorized aliens; employment; application; transporting
SB1178 P homeland security councils; coordinating; advisory
SB1242 P* weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves
SB1243 P* justification; defensive display of firearm
SB1270 P firearms possession; concealed weapons permit
SB1332 P* supreme court; attorney licensing
SB1333 P* administrative orders; applicability; judges
SB1334 P* workers' compensation; unauthorized aliens
SB1335 P* unauthorized aliens; licensing
SB1336 P* afflicted persons; orders for transportation
SB1337 P* driver license violations
SB1338 P* law enforcement officers; good cause
SB1339 P* business expenses; unauthorized aliens
SB1375 P parents' rights; education; discipline; health
  (NOW: student information; written parental request
SB1399 C GPLET reform
SB1420 C DUI; juvenile adjudication
  (NOW: juvenile; adjudication; diversion
See Vote
SB1434 P publicity pamphlet; judicial performance; comment
SB1459 P cold case reporting; victim reports
  (NOW: cold case register; victim report
SB1467 P* county elected officials; authority
SB1468 P* JTEDs; adult students
SCR1001 P* aircraft license tax; technical correction
SCR1002 P* bond elections; technical correction
SCR1003 P* military personnel; technical correction
SCR1006 P* state appropriation limit; reduction
SCR1007 P* justices and judges; senate confirmation
SCR1008 P* schools; classroom instruction expenditures
SCR1009 P* voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension
SCR1010 P* illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing
SCR1011 P* taxpayer bill of rights
SCR1012 P* spending accountability and transparency act
SCR1020 P senate confirmation; justices and judges
SCR1026 P secret ballot; fundamental right
SCR1031 P* discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition
SCR1045 P death resolution; Jake Flake


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor