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Arizona State Legislature
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Forty-seventh Legislature - First Regular Session
  Victor Soltero

Victor Soltero

District 29

1700 W. Washington
Room 312
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number: (602) 926-5342
Fax Number: (602) 417-3169


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Committee Assignments
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Final Vote
HB2133 C county excise taxes; hotels
HB2160 C motor vehicles; raising and lowering
HB2254 C MVD records; peace officer photographs
HB2310 C sentencing; aggravating circumstances; misdemeanors
HB2311 C terminally ill patients; suffering; control
HB2312 C drive-thru liquor stores
HB2313 C aid in dying
HB2314 C homeowners' associations; drought declaration; lawns
HB2343 C vehicles; special registration
HB2344 C county animal control; charitable organizations
HB2355 C enhanced municipal services; designated area
HB2383 C municipal improvement districts; technical correction
HB2441 C tribal housing; tax exemption
HB2500 C county records; redacting residential information
HB2501 C foreclosure; homeowner protection
HB2517 C appropriation; project GITEM
HB2540 C ELL pupils; standards; weight
HB2582 C liquor establishments; distance waivers
HB2586 C appropriation; Navajo senior center
HB2588 C appropriation; Navajo capital projects; Tonalea
HB2589 C reservation agricultural operations; good neighbor
HB2615 C cervical cancer study committee
HB2636 C Arizona criminal justice commission; membership
HB2641 C appropriation; teachers; retirement contributions
HB2665 C appropriation; history museum study
HB2685 C insurance; mental health coverage; parity
HCM2001 C cervical cancer; task force
HCR2021 C health care decisions week
HCR2022 C equal rights amendment; ratification
HCR2041 C Ronald Reagan; death resolution
HCR2055 C Los Changuitos Feos; 40th anniversary
HCR2063 C Honorable James Sedillo
HM2002 C pain management; health professionals
HR2002 C Lalo Guerrero death resolution
HR2005 C death resolution; Jake Teague
SB1045 C child custody; recodification
SB1047 C community restitution See Vote
SB1048 C birth certificates; access
SB1066 C ASDB; students FIRST funding
SB1069 C AIMS test; graduation requirement; prohibition
SB1153 C personnel files; right to copies
SB1233 C homeowners' associations; military flags
SB1260 C telephone call centers; consumer rights
SB1262 C political subdivisions; funds; unions.
SB1263 C unemployment benefits; disqualification.
SB1264 P* silver haired legislature; tax checkoff
SB1265 P* Arizona silver haired legislature
SB1266 P* outsourcing; state service positions; prohibition
SB1267 C juvenile victims' rights; statement
SB1282 C agriculture department; 2005 omnibus act See Vote
SB1290 C HOV lanes; hybrid vehicles
SB1301 C emancipation of minors.
SB1313 C support payments; electronic transfers. See Vote
SB1314 C child support; paternity registry.
SB1319 P* state employees; salary plan
SB1320 P* state salary adjustment; appropriation
SB1334 C hydrologic studies; Benson subwatershed; appropriation
SB1370 C ballot measures; text review; penalty
SB1372 C human trafficking violations
SB1393 C aggregate mined land reclamation act See Vote
SB1440 C labor organizations; nonunion employees; representation.
SB1441 C insurance; mental health coverage
SB1442 C health care businesses; consumer information.
SB1450 C tribal courts
SB1451 C minimum wages.
SB1452 C air quality fund; reservations
SB1453 C transportation board; Native American member
SB1502 C channelization districts; interim zoning protection
SCM1003 C end abusive railroad practices
  (NOW: Social Security; reform
See Vote
SCR1024 C honoring Arizona's teachers
SCR1031 C opposing the patriot act
SCR1037 C state minimum wage.
SR1001 C death resolution; Pope John Paul II


P* = Prime Prime Sponsor, P = Prime Sponsor, C = Co-Sponsor