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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
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House Bills
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House Memorials and Resolutions
HB2001 through HB2050
HB2051 through HB2100
HB2101 through HB2150
HB2151 through HB2200
HB2201 through HB2250
HB2251 through HB2300
HB2301 through HB2350
HB2351 through HB2400
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HB2451 through HB2500
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Senate Bills
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Senate Memorials and Resolutions
SB1001 through SB1050
SB1051 through SB1100
SB1101 through SB1150
SB1151 through SB1200
SB1201 through SB1250
SB1251 through SB1300
SB1301 through SB1350
SB1351 through SB1400
SB1401 through SB1450
SB1451 through SB1500
SB1501 through SB1550
Bill Number Short Title
SB1001 civil liability; minors; animals; vehicle.
SB1002 technical correction; sports facilities account
  (NOW: mall commission; transfer; Assyrian monument)
SB1003 financial responsibility; verification; technical correction
  (NOW: DCS; investigations; custody; oversight committee)
SB1004 technical correction; real estate licensing
  (NOW: human rights committee; membership)
SB1005 technical correction; state highways
SB1006 special masters; technical correction
SB1007 home-based business; operations; employees
SB1008 contractor licensing; exemptions; threshold
SB1009 theft; American flag; penalty
SB1010 reviser's technical corrections; 2017
SB1011 technical correction; escape; secure facility
SB1012 technical correction; emergency interception
SB1013 technical correction; defrauding secured creditors
SB1014 technical correction; civil rights; restoration
SB1015 technical correction; prostitution; employment
SB1016 governor's regulatory review council; continuation
SB1017 electric personal assistive mobility devices
SB1018 process servers; motor vehicle records
SB1019 public records; unduly burdensome requests
SB1020 contractors; qualifying party experience; bonds
SB1021 municipal service access cards; requirements
SB1022 political beliefs; hate crimes; training
SB1023 dispensers; prescription drug monitoring
SB1024 vehicle theft; security interest; repeal
SB1025 public entities; absolute immunity; defenses
  (NOW: public entities; defenses)
SB1026 behavioral health examiners; continuation
SB1027 respiratory care examiners; continuation
SB1028 osteopathic board; continuation
SB1029 pharmacy board; licensure; fees
SB1030 AHCCCS; covered services; occupational therapy
SB1031 dangerous; incompetent defendants; study committee
SB1032 public service corporations; hydroelectric power
SB1033 board of executive clemency; continuation
SB1034 appropriation; teacher student loan program
SB1035 technical correction; building codes
SB1036 charter schools; rulemaking exemption
SB1037 special education; audit; cost study
SB1038 teachers; professional development; pilot program
SB1039 teachers; alternative certification application
SB1040 Arizona teachers; student loan program
SB1041 transfer credits; Arizona online instruction
SB1042 teacher certification; reciprocity
SB1043 false claims; agriculture; technical correction
SB1044 fiduciary funds; deposits; technical correction
SB1045 marijuana; definition
SB1046 Arizona state parks board; trails
SB1047 medical student loans; board; continuation
SB1048 Christian Science nurses; reporting duty
SB1049 text messaging while driving; prohibition
SB1050 private process servers; duties
SB1051 aggressive solicitation; approaching stopped vehicle
SB1052 ASRS; optional retirement benefits; overpayment
SB1053 ASRS; board powers
SB1054 traffic accidents; fatality; implied consent
SB1055 expedited rulemaking
SB1056 municipal codes; publication; online
SB1057 experienced teachers; certification renewal
SB1058 repeal; regional attraction districts
SB1059 adult protective services; confidential information
SB1060 homeowners' associations; dispute process
SB1061 universities; tuition; rates; fees
SB1062 property tax oversight commission; continuation
SB1063 technical correction; payment method
  (NOW: PSPRS; risk pool)
SB1064 technical correction; tax correction
SB1065 technical correction; public employees; expenses
SB1066 clerk of court; records; reporting
SB1067 supervised prisoners; violations; graduated sanctions.
SB1068 community supervision; earned release credits
SB1069 vacating felony conviction; record destruction
  (NOW: setting aside conviction; employment application)
SB1070 technical correction; textbook purchase
SB1071 provisional licenses; criminal convictions
  (NOW: DOC; graduated intervention policy; report)
SB1072 administrative decisions; scope of review
SB1073 license plate covers; prohibition
SB1074 special license plates; standard design
SB1075 aggravated assault; private process servers
SB1076 telecommunications fund; report; website
SB1077 state parks board; director; appointment
SB1078 electronic; digital signatures; requirements; ADOA
SB1079 DES; ownership; land; building
SB1080 teenage drivers; communication devices prohibited
SB1081 mutual holding company reorganization
SB1082 motorcycle safety fund
SB1083 Arizona lengthy trial fund; continuation
SB1084 electronic records; retention; storage
SB1085 vulnerable users of public ways
SB1086 sentencing; aggravating factor; texting
SB1087 wireless communication device; driving; prohibition
SB1088 vehicles; collisions; injury; texting; penalty
SB1089 lottery funding; LTAF; restoration
SB1090 HURF expenditures; transportation infrastructure
SB1091 nuclear emergency appropriations; assessments
SB1092 uniform common trust act; repeal
SB1093 telecommunications service assistance program
SB1094 uniform fiduciaries act; repeal
  (NOW: ballots; digital images; electronic data)
SB1095 uniform single publication act; repeal
SB1096 uniform contribution; tortfeasors act; repeal
SB1097 state lottery distributions; family homelessness
SB1098 schools; statewide assessment
SB1099 school safety program
SB1100 GIITEM subaccount; uses; specialized equipment
SB1101 spay and neuter; tax checkoff
SB1102 appropriations; DES; developmental disabilities.
SB1103 appropriation; nonmedical services; aging.
SB1104 appropriations; ALTCS; elderly; physical disabilities.
SB1105 gifted pupils; funding.
SB1106 schools; prior-year funding
SB1107 permanent guardianship
  (NOW: child; family advocacy center; fund)
SB1108 cash assistance; children
SB1109 fingerprinting; child placement; IT contractors
SB1110 tax subtraction; uniformed services pay
SB1111 vehicle liability insurance; minimum limits
SB1112 laetrile; prohibition
SB1113 HOAs; artificial grass ban prohibited
SB1114 outdoor advertising
SB1115 PSPRS; retirement benefit calculation
SB1116 contractor licensure; requirements; confidential information
SB1117 fallen correctional employees memorial; extension
SB1118 military justice; nonjudicial punishment procedures
SB1119 juvenile corrections; justice; study committee
SB1120 ratification; constitutional convention; transmission
SB1121 certified qualified applicators; fingerprinting requirement
SB1122 personal property transfer; limitations prohibited
SB1123 state contract lobbyists; prohibition
SB1124 Arizona water protection fund; appropriation
SB1125 incorporation; urbanized areas.
SB1126 schools; prohibited courses; repeal.
SB1127 hiring practices; limitation; criminal history
SB1128 hospital survey; exclusion; fetal death
SB1129 electric nonprofit cooperatives; patronage capital
SB1130 hairstylist licenses; cosmetology
SB1131 schools; K-3 reading program
SB1132 amateur radio operator special plates
SB1133 certified nurse midwives; nurse practitioners
SB1134 pharmacy board; required permitting; violation
SB1135 handheld communications devices; driving; prohibition
SB1136 schools; computer coding instruction
SB1137 vendor; payment by warrant; fee
SB1138 encumbrance documents; exceptions
SB1139 collector car auction; special plates
SB1140 peace officer training board; membership
SB1141 animal abuser registration; registry
SB1142 riot; planning; participation; racketeering
SB1143 traffic survival school; online
SB1144 TPT exemptions and deductions; sunset
SB1145 technical correction; vehicle accident report
SB1146 technical correction; disabled parking; reciprocity
  (NOW: registration fees; VLT; gas tax)
SB1147 technical correction; overtaking bicycles
  (NOW: county election; motor fuel taxes)
SB1148 technical correction; information change; notice
SB1149 technical correction; DUI; blood test
SB1150 ignition interlock device; regulation; installers
SB1151 wrong-way drivers; alerts; DPS.
SB1152 retail TPT; bad debt deduction
  (NOW: tax authorization; consolidated election dates)
SB1153 municipal improvement districts; sale certificate
SB1154 G&F omnibus
SB1155 correctional facilities; community notification.
SB1156 high school students; course time
  (NOW: average daily membership; high schools)
SB1157 competency hearings; jurisdiction; referral
SB1158 sentencing; court debts; fine mitigation
SB1159 civil liability; damages; weapons
SB1160 driving violations; restricted licenses; penalties
SB1161 courthouse security; fund
  (NOW: improvement districts; retention; detention basins)
SB1162 sex offenders; electronic device monitoring
SB1163 release procedures; hearings; bonds
SB1164 Arizona procurement code; amendments
SB1165 exempt wells; capital costs
SB1166 employment security; time frames; interest
SB1167 archaeology advisory commission; continuation
SB1168 Arizona outdoor recreation commission; continuation
SB1169 insurance; auto glass coverage
SB1170 abandoned vehicles; towing reimbursement
SB1171 earned release credits; sentence
SB1172 dependency; households; felony reports
SB1173 military family relief fund; continuation.
SB1174 schools; desegregation expenses; special override
SB1175 real estate transfer fees; definition
SB1176 fire districts; electronic funds transfers
SB1177 commerce authority; concrete masonry education.
SB1178 ASRS; nonparticipating employers; liability
SB1179 appropriations; named claimants
SB1180 bingo establishments; ADA compliance
SB1181 native American veterans; tax settlement.
SB1182 G&F; protected species; taking prohibition
SB1183 department of environmental quality; omnibus
SB1184 appropriation; Arizona geological survey
SB1185 precinct committeemen; term of office.
SB1186 alarm industry; fingerprint requirements
SB1187 sentencing; aggravating factor; political affiliation
SB1188 procurement process; professional; construction services
SB1189 state budget; estimates; notice
SB1190 public safety; supplemental benefits; continuation
SB1191 political parties; notice; meetings
SB1192 property tax; technical correction
SB1193 election and ethics; commission; duties
SB1194 DCS; foster parent; medical consent
SB1195 domestic violence offenders; firearms; seizure
SB1196 Arizona department of housing; continuation.
SB1197 real estate appraisal
SB1198 public accommodation; services; civil actions
SB1199 criminal history investigation; name change
SB1200 elections; candidates; requirements
SB1201 medical examiner; communicable diseases; disclosure
SB1202 forestry and fire management; conformity
SB1203 Arizona water banking authority; report
  (NOW: veterans’ donation fund; tax credits)
SB1204 high school textbooks; review period
SB1205 school tax credit; classroom supplies
SB1206 teachers; short-term certificates; dismissals
SB1207 advanced certification; assessor personnel; compensation
SB1208 water resources; department annual report
SB1209 technical correction; health services; fees
  (NOW: teacher; principal; evaluation instrument)
SB1210 state law; violations; political subdivisions
SB1211 ADOT omnibus
SB1212 tax credit cap; angel investor
SB1213 unemployment insurance; disclosure; state agencies
SB1214 local governments; smallcell equipment permitting
  (NOW: microcell equipment; local governments)
SB1215 insurance; definition; fire protection services
  (NOW: insurance; forms; fire protection services)
SB1216 towing firms; assets; definition
SB1217 corporation commission; telecommunications; rates
SB1218 housing department; conforming changes
SB1219 automatic voter registration; database; public agencies
SB1220 voter registration; same day
SB1221 voter registration deadlines; registration method
SB1222 voter identification; proof of citizenship
SB1223 voter identification; VA; student identification
SB1224 schools; governing boards; immediate family
SB1225 school instruction; AIDS; homosexuality
SB1226 schools; transfer students; competency requirements
SB1227 charter schools; prohibited locations
SB1228 charter school pupils; transfer; ADM
SB1229 charter schools; teachers; administrators; certification
SB1230 charter schools; website posting requirements
SB1231 ADE; charter schools; assessments
SB1232 charter schools; public meetings; records
SB1233 charter schools; audit requirements
SB1234 charter schools; procurement requirements
SB1235 podiatry; amputation
SB1236 psychotropic drugs; foster children; report
  (NOW: statewide petition circulators; registration; committees)
SB1237 early voting; ballots; processing
SB1238 early ballot envelopes
SB1239 parking violation; disabilities; access aisles
SB1240 homeowners' associations; streets; authority
SB1241 TPT exemption; charity golf tournament
SB1242 tax information; disclosure; municipal auditors
SB1243 misconduct involving weapons; public places
SB1244 committee of reference; standing committee
SB1245 state lands; perpetual rights-of-way.
  (NOW: Wesley Bolin memorial; Rick Lavis)
SB1246 contractors; owners; documents
SB1247 conservation easement; in lieu payments
SB1248 building code moratorium; repeal.
SB1249 property tax exemptions; statutory conformity
SB1250 county motor fuel taxes
SB1251 JTEDs; ninth graders; funding.
SB1252 Arizona arts endowment fund; appropriation
SB1253 peace officers; investigative interviews; recordings
  (NOW: law enforcement officers; administrative investigations)
SB1254 schools; admissions; desegregation
SB1255 guest removal; special detainer action
SB1256 Arizona power authority; report
SB1257 appropriation; district additional assistance
SB1258 DCS reports; ruled out classification
SB1259 income tax; college tuition deduction
SB1260 schools; technology; policies; internet safety
SB1261 Arizona community schools pilot program
SB1262 claim; notice; public entity; exception
SB1263 housing trust fund; funding sources
SB1264 state lottery; county assistance fund
SB1265 state-owned bank task force.
SB1266 auditor general; charter schools
SB1267 structured English immersion exemption; pilot
SB1268 foster parents; immunizations; licensure
SB1269 pharmacists; scope of practice
SB1270 authorized third parties; electronic title
  (NOW: reauthorization; county transportation excise tax)
SB1271 countywide elections; vote by mail
SB1272 business entities; omnibus
SB1273 electric bicycles
SB1274 poverty; data tracking; commission
SB1275 schools; intergenerational poverty; grants
SB1276 charter schools; special education services
SB1277 charter schools; capacity; publication
SB1278 felony pretrial intervention programs; appropriation
SB1279 special sentencing provisions; unlawful presence
SB1280 groundwater; extinguishment credits; Pinal AMA
SB1281 empowerment scholarship accounts; revisions
SB1282 teachers; performance pay; evaluations
SB1283 technical correction; illegally taking wildlife
SB1284 technical correction; early voting
SB1285 technical correction; game; fish; facilities
  (NOW: G&F; in-lieu fee; trust fund)
SB1286 performance bonds; contractor retention
SB1287 securities; registration exemptions
SB1288 homeowners' associations; board conflicts
SB1289 homeowners' associations; hearings; attorney fees
SB1290 internal revenue code conformity
SB1291 tax correction act of 2017
SB1292 Arizona competes fund; microenterprises
SB1293 private vocational program license; exemption
SB1294 outdoor advertising prohibitions
SB1295 funeral directors; embalmers; board membership
SB1296 funeral director licensure
SB1297 adoption; married couple; preference
SB1298 electronic documents; signatures; wills; trusts
SB1299 child; family advocacy center; appropriation
SB1300 technical correction; ALTCS insurance; exemption
SB1301 family caregiver income tax credit.
SB1302 communication service information; technical correction
SB1303 technical correction; health professionals
SB1304 JTEDs; entrepreneurship programs; review exemption
SB1305 election equipment certification; procedures manual
SB1306 election results; statewide electronic format
SB1307 voter registration; presidential elector deadlines
SB1308 flood control districts; easements, leases
SB1309 renewable energy; environmental impact; committee
SB1310 Arizona criminal justice commission; membership
SB1311 parole reform; study committee
SB1312 electronic bingo
SB1313 appropriation; teacher recruitment; retention
SB1314 schools; student data privacy
SB1315 legal decision-making; parenting time
SB1316 jail districts; maintenance of effort
SB1317 schools; specially designed instruction
SB1318 technical correction; credit unions; loans
  (NOW: candidates; multiple federal offices; limitation)
SB1319 telemedicine; audio visual requirements.
  (NOW: influenza vaccinations; committee reference review)
SB1320 employment; housing; public accomodations; antidiscrimination
SB1321 DOI; report; surprise billing
SB1322 criminal justice commission; legislative recommendations
SB1323 joint select committee on corrections
SB1324 luxury tax; exemption; technical correction
SB1325 nursing facilities; assisted living; advertising
SB1326 telecommunications; broadband; accelerated depreciation
SB1327 Gold Star memorial
SB1328 election proclamation; board clerk
SB1329 fire flow requirements; rural applicability
SB1330 fire districts; pension fund; transfer
SB1331 workers' compensation; tiered rate filings
  (NOW: workers’ compensation rates; deviations)
SB1332 workers' compensation; work search requirements
  (NOW: workers' compensation; settlement; travel expenses)
SB1333 workers' compensation; claim settlement
SB1334 contractor TPT; solar energy exemption
SB1335 behavior analysts; committee; licensure; regulation
SB1336 nurse anesthetists; prescribing authority; limitation
SB1337 industrial hemp; licensing
SB1338 construction contracts; indemnification; liability provisions
SB1339 child care assistance; appropriation
SB1340 TANF assistance; lifetime limit
SB1341 foster children; motor vehicle insurance
SB1342 search warrants; tracking; simulator devices
SB1343 county transportation excise tax; reauthorization
SB1344 firearms; state preemption; independent contractors
  (NOW: firearms; state preemption; employees)
SB1345 adult incarceration contracts; cost comparison
SB1346 appropriation; school solutions teams
SB1347 financial disclosure; model legislation; lobbying
SB1348 STO credit; aggregate cap; freeze
SB1349 tax credits; sunset
SB1350 terrorist threats; false reports; terrorism
SB1351 spouses; married couples; terminology
SB1352 abortion; religious employers; contraception; repeal
SB1353 employment and labor omnibus
SB1354 schools; bullying policy; definition
SB1355 sexual assault; survivor rights
SB1356 schools; corporal punishment
SB1357 minors; consent; housing; shelter services
SB1358 municipalities; counties; rent control; seniors
SB1359 DES; DCS; director; qualifications
SB1360 permanent guardianship; dependency proceedings; reunification
  (NOW: dependency proceedings; permanent guardianships; reunification)
SB1361 DCS report consolidation
SB1362 dental board; dentists; dental hygienists
SB1363 liquor licenses; nonuse; discretionary cancellation
SB1364 elder abuse investigations; study committee
SB1365 wildfire suppression; joint study committee
SB1366 peace officer; victim; aggravating factor
SB1367 abortion; live delivery; report; definition
SB1368 newborn screening; fees
SB1369 technical correction; public roadways
SB1370 elections; unlawful voting; residence
SB1371 delinquent property taxes; common areas
SB1372 legislative review of rules
SB1373 schools; privacy; biometrics
SB1374 schools; data privacy
SB1375 schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources
SB1376 compact; prosperity districts
SB1377 controlled substances; approved medications
SB1378 schools; technology; internet safety; policies
SB1379 misused transportation excise tax; repayment
SB1380 DCS; background checks; central registry
SB1381 DCS; revisions; confidentiality; appeals
SB1382 employment discrimination; prohibition
SB1383 state finance review; task force
SB1384 school-sponsored media; student journalists
SB1385 voter registration; social security number
SB1386 statewide voter registration portability
SB1387 early voting locations; extended hours.
SB1388 early ballots; election day postmark
SB1389 voting centers; on-campus voting
SB1390 election procedures; workers; precincts; provisionals
SB1391 elections; polling places; standards
SB1392 early ballots; precinct ballot box
SB1393 presidential preference election; independent voters
SB1394 provisional ballots; residence; partial tabulation
SB1395 provisional ballots; verification; tally
SB1396 provisional ballots; incorrect precinct; tally.
SB1397 early ballots; verification; cure
SB1398 telemedicine; urology; insurance coverage
SB1399 Arizona power authority; conflicts; meetings
SB1400 homeowners' associations; assessment liens; foreclosure
SB1401 homeowners' associations; managers; duties; gratuities
SB1402 homeowners' associations; improvement districts; zoning
SB1403 municipalities; counties; tiny homes; codes
SB1404 community facilities districts; amendments
SB1405 schools; elections; ballot arguments; exclusion
SB1406 contributions; committed youth; repeal; committee
  (NOW: public accommodation; exemptions; enforcement; sanctions)
SB1407 workers' compensation; employee definition; notice
SB1408 counties; municipalities; euthanizing animals
SB1409 empowerment scholarships; neurological conditions
SB1410 oxygenated fuel standards; formula
SB1411 county stadium districts; revenue; school districts
SB1412 surface water; adjudication sequence
SB1413 municipalities; annexation; roadway maintenance
SB1414 road signage; counties
SB1415 mining and mineral museum; transfer
SB1416 revitalization districts; county participation
  (NOW: quality jobs incentives; tax credits)
SB1417 law enforcement; workers' compensation; exposure
SB1418 women-owned and minority-owned businesses; grants
SB1419 schools; pupils; removal; reassignment
SB1420 voting rights; restoration; felonies
SB1421 notaries; unlawful practices; immigration
SB1422 vacating conviction; trafficking; local offenses
SB1423 immigration; law enforcement; repeal.
SB1424 length of parole; juvenile offenders
SB1425 criminal cases; arrests; records; erasure
SB1426 criminal charges; unlawful orders; reimbursement
SB1427 STO operational requirements
SB1428 community health workers; voluntary certification
SB1429 homeowners' associations; electronic records; fees
SB1430 nonresident tax credit; taxable year
  (NOW: municipalities; wastewater fees; vacant land)
SB1431 empowerment scholarships; expansion; phase-in
SB1432 annuities; withdrawals; restoration
SB1433 sugar-sweetened beverages; tax
SB1434 art therapy services; contracting requirements
SB1435 osteopaths; fingerprinting
  (NOW: health care professionals; fingerprinting)
SB1436 prescription drugs; delivery; pricing; appeals
SB1437 agencies; review; GRRC; occupational regulation
SB1438 DCS; procurement code exception
SB1439 end-of-life; discrimination; prohibition
SB1440 AHCCCS; clinical oversight committee
SB1441 insurers; health providers; claims mediation
  (NOW: insurers; health providers; claims arbitration)
SB1442 corrections officer retirement plan; modifications
  (NOW: modifications; corrections officer retirement plan)
SB1443 veterans' donations fund; tax credit
SB1444 income tax subtraction; military retirement
SB1445 VLT; registration fees; gas tax
SB1446 motor fuel taxes; county election
SB1447 state personnel system; covered employees
SB1448 state treasurer; public monies; procedures
SB1449 child; family advocacy center; appropriation.
SB1450 return to out-of-home care; placement
SB1451 orthotics; prosthetics; standards
SB1452 health profession regulatory boards
SB1453 road improvement districts; financing
SB1454 county improvement districts; assessment; contribution
SB1455 AHCCCS; pharmacy services; contracts
SB1456 land subdivision; exceptions; children; grandchildren
SB1457 tribal nations; veterans' services; appropriation
SB1458 health careers; military veterans; committee
SB1459 state holiday; Native American day
SB1460 office of Indian education; assistance
SB1461 study; tribal colleges; dual enrollment
SB1462 dual enrollment; tribal colleges
SB1463 vehicle title loans; finance charge
SB1464 environmental quality; water; appropriation
SB1465 liquor licenses; tribal councils; approval
SB1466 TPT credit; tribal taxes
SB1467 TPT; Indian tribes; economic development
SB1468 refugee resettlement program; withdrawal
SB1469 lottery game; schools; capital assistance
SB1470 lottery game; veterans assistance
SB1471 incorrect arrest; record clearance
SB1472 memorial; veteran diversity
SB1473 consular identification cards; prohibition; repeal
SB1474 community engagement district.
SB1475 claimants; residential contractors' recovery fund
SB1476 technical correction; cease; desist order
SB1477 technical correction; mandatory vehicle insurance
SB1478 occupational safety and health omnibus
SB1479 mental health treatment; patient transport.
  (NOW: mental health services; evaluations)
SB1480 revisions; community facilities districts
SB1481 appropriations; medical marijuana fund
SB1482 water infrastructure finance authority; appropriation
SB1483 supplemental appropriation; foster care placement
SB1484 child care waiting list; appropriation.
SB1485 appropriation; community information and referral
SB1486 nursing board; rules; abortion
SB1487 G&F; appointment recommendation board; repeal
SB1488 hydraulic fracturing; prohibition
SB1489 energy measuring; containers; prohibition; repeal
SB1490 large electronics; recycling
SB1491 sex education curricula; requirements
SB1492 abortion; parental consent; exception
SB1493 corporate tax freeze; educational outcomes
SB1494 schools; compulsory attendance age; increase.
SB1495 postsecondary institutions; sexual consent policies
SB1496 abortion; parental consent; counseling exception
SB1497 telemedicine; abortion; prohibition repeal
SB1498 pesticides; prohibition
SB1499 voting; ranking; ballot format.
SB1500 presidential candidates, electors; tax returns
SB1501 affordable housing projects; tax assessment
SB1502 public facilities; environmental policies
SB1503 racial impact; analysis; legislative council
SB1504 justification; deadly physical force; exceptions
SB1505 toll roads; conversion; prohibition
SB1506 temporary services employer; employees; rights
SB1507 employees; school conferences; leave
SB1508 employment practices; consumer reports; limitation
SB1509 schools; health information; website posting
SB1510 food labeling requirements
SB1511 medical marijuana; study committee.
SB1512 terminally ill; care choices
SB1513 SNAP; benefit match; farmers markets
SB1514 health care providers; pregnancy; ultrasounds
SB1515 drug possession; medical assistance; probation
SB1516 vapor products; restrictions; use
SB1517 vapor products; tax
SB1518 death penalty; repeal
SB1519 repeal; right to work
SB1520 technical correction; special license plates
SB1521 appointment; ombudsman-citizens aide
SB1522 general appropriations act; 2017-2018
SB1523 capital outlay; appropriations; 2017-2018
SB1524 budget procedures; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1525 criminal justice; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1526 environment; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1527 health; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1528 higher education; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1529 human services; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1530 K-12 education; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1531 revenues; budget reconciliation; 2017-2018
SB1532 university infrastructure capital financing; appropriations
SCM1001 critical habitat; expansion; urging repeal
SCM1002 division; ninth circuit; urging Congress
SCM1003 technical correction; department of agriculture
SCM1004 urging Congress; technical correction
  (NOW: urging Congress; hunting; angling; support)
SCM1005 technical correction; urging the President
  (NOW: urging EPA; hardrock mining; rule)
SCM1006 urging Congress; river designations
SCM1007 American-Islamic Council; suspending contact
SCM1008 ozone concentration standard; reinstatement
SCM1009 urging delisting of gray wolf
SCM1010 urging BLM; travel management plans
SCM1011 antiquities act; monuments; urging Congress
SCM1012 Indian health care; urging Congress
SCM1013 urging Congress; affordable care act.
SCM1014 urging Congress; Glass-Steagall act
SCR1001 state education board; membership; superintendents.
SCR1002 application; Article V convention.
SCR1003 ratification; equal rights amendment.
SCR1004 death resolution; Gus Arzberger
SCR1005 death resolution; George Lemen
SCR1006 death resolution; M. Lee Allison
SCR1007 death resolution; John Hays
SCR1008 death resolution; Rick Lavis
SCR1009 schools; English language requirement; repeal
SCR1010 nuclear energy; support
SCR1011 constitutional property tax exemptions
SCR1012 Asian-Americans; diversity; data collection
SCR1013 initiative; referendum; signatures; legislative districts
SCR1014 technical correction; racing commission; prohibition
SCR1015 self-care month
SCR1016 metastatic breast cancer awareness day
SCR1017 Taiwan; United States; trade; support
SCR1018 speech and debate education day
SCR1019 BLM planning 2.0 rule; opposition
SCR1020 death resolution; Marian Lupu
SCR1021 education finance TPT; rates
SCR1022 Lions clubs; centennial anniversary; recognition
SCR1023 corrections officer retirement plan
SCR1024 application; Article V convention; appropriation
SCR1025 Latina-owned businesses; support.
SCR1026 civics education; Arizona schools
SCR1027 state senators; four-year terms
SCR1028 veterans' services; Navajo nation; cooperation
SCR1029 Oscar de los Santos; recognition
SCR1030 right to work; repeal
SCR1031 Chicano history week
SCR1032 prevention of violence; support
SCR1033 voting age; sixteen years
SCR1034 death resolution; Eleanor Ann Day
SJR1001 Colorado River allocation; management
SJR1002 Phoenix-Goodyear airport; reuse zone
SJR1003 lower Colorado basin; forbearance authority
MIS001 Amend Senate Rule 7
MIS002 Mesnard SUB to Recess to the Sound of the Gav
MIS003 Suspension 2J 8a, 8b not withstanding Senate Rule 16

Fact Sheet (Bill Summary) Disclaimer

Fact sheets are prepared, by Research Staff, for each piece of legislation scheduled to be heard in a standing committee and are generally available 36 hours prior to the committee hearing. The fact sheet for a bill amended in a standing committee will be revised to incorporate the committee changes. This version of the fact sheet is available prior to the bill being calendared for caucus. Fact sheets are also revised after Committee of the Whole if floor amendments are adopted. If necessary, fact sheets are updated to incorporate changes adopted by the opposite body and conference committee. Fact sheets are also revised if a bill is vetoed. These fact sheets are available within the first few weeks after the adjournment of the legislative session.

Availability of Adopted Committee Amendments

Adopted committee amendments are not posted to A.L.I.S. Online until they have been proofed and printed by the Senate Secretary or Chief Clerk's Office. During high activity periods, this could take a couple of days. Once posted, they will be online within the stated availability time frame of 15 to 20 minutes.

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