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Arizona State Legislature
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Fifty-third Legislature - First Regular Session
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Non-Bill Miscellaneous Motions
House Bills
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House Memorials and Resolutions
HB2001 through HB2050
HB2051 through HB2100
HB2101 through HB2150
HB2151 through HB2200
HB2201 through HB2250
HB2251 through HB2300
HB2301 through HB2350
HB2351 through HB2400
HB2401 through HB2450
HB2451 through HB2500
HB2501 through HB2550
Senate Bills
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Senate Memorials and Resolutions
SB1001 through SB1050
SB1051 through SB1100
SB1101 through SB1150
SB1151 through SB1200
SB1201 through SB1250
SB1251 through SB1300
SB1301 through SB1350
SB1351 through SB1400
SB1401 through SB1450
SB1451 through SB1500
SB1501 through SB1550
Bill Number Short Title
HB2051 JCCR; membership
HB2052 limited line crop insurance
HB2053 campaign finance; corporate recipients; registration
HB2054 foreign nonprofit corporations; foreign LLCs
HB2055 ballots; defects; notice and cure
HB2056 independent expenditures; corporations; unions; audit
HB2057 STO scholarships; beneficiary recommendations
HB2058 STO credit cap; growth trigger
HB2059 STO aggregate credit cap; freeze.
HB2060 STO scholarships; means testing
HB2061 STOs; administrative cost allocation
HB2062 STO cap; general fund percentage
HB2063 STO scholarships; student transfers
HB2064 internal revenue code; full conformity
  (NOW: municipal jet fuel; excise tax)
HB2065 waste tire disposal; continuation
HB2066 aggravated DUI; sentence; county jail.
HB2067 real estate licensing; exception; assistants
  (NOW: real estate licensing; applicability; exemption)
HB2068 independent expenditures; corporations; funding disclosure
HB2069 insurance taxes; installments; electronic filing
HB2070 life settlement contracts; broker licenses
HB2071 workforce training; unemployed workers
HB2072 manufactured homes; real estate transactions
HB2073 government deposits; investment; financial institutions
HB2074 appropriation; fairgrounds; preservation; historic buildings
HB2075 radiation regulatory agency; DHS; transfer
HB2076 advanced directives registry; provider access
HB2077 Arizona online instruction; funding; testing
HB2078 schools; concurrent enrollment
HB2079 regents; officers; technical correction
HB2080 STO; credit cap; low-income qualification
HB2081 schools; compulsory attendance age; increase
HB2082 schools; daily recess time
HB2083 schools; overrides; ballot language
HB2084 tribal courts; involuntary commitment orders
HB2085 sentencing document; fingerprint; misdemeanor offenses
HB2086 municipalities; identification cards; prohibition
HB2087 Arizona criminal justice commission; continuation
HB2088 incorporation; urbanized areas
HB2089 student fees; political purposes; prohibition
HB2090 hospitals; flu vaccines
  (NOW: land department; licensing time frames)
HB2091 TANF; SNAP; finger imaging; repeal
HB2092 wulfenite; state mineral
HB2093 use fuel taxes; adjustment
HB2094 community protection initiative; report; continuation
  (NOW: small water systems fund; uses)
HB2095 state lands; perpetual rights-of-way
HB2096 natural resources projects; court actions
HB2097 sovereign authority; commandeering; prohibition; exception
HB2098 civil forfeiture; public defender appointment
HB2099 ADOT licenses; authorized presence repeal
HB2100 payroll deductions; employee purchase program

Fact Sheet (Bill Summary) Disclaimer

Fact sheets are prepared, by Research Staff, for each piece of legislation scheduled to be heard in a standing committee and are generally available 36 hours prior to the committee hearing. The fact sheet for a bill amended in a standing committee will be revised to incorporate the committee changes. This version of the fact sheet is available prior to the bill being calendared for caucus. Fact sheets are also revised after Committee of the Whole if floor amendments are adopted. If necessary, fact sheets are updated to incorporate changes adopted by the opposite body and conference committee. Fact sheets are also revised if a bill is vetoed. These fact sheets are available within the first few weeks after the adjournment of the legislative session.

Availability of Adopted Committee Amendments

Adopted committee amendments are not posted to A.L.I.S. Online until they have been proofed and printed by the Senate Secretary or Chief Clerk's Office. During high activity periods, this could take a couple of days. Once posted, they will be online within the stated availability time frame of 15 to 20 minutes.

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